Letters from the week of March 11, 2004

 The Need for Speed
The fast and the corrected: I would like to correct some misinformation contained in the article "The Fast and the Frustrated" (Jimmy Magahern, March 4).

It was reported that Superior Racing Development performed "the high horsepower engine swap and the installation of the nitrous kit" on Michael Esquer's car that crashed into and tragically killed Mr. Donald Bratcher of Chandler. Although Michael has been a customer at our Tempe shop, SRD did not sell or install the motor swap or nitrous kit in Michael's car.

SRD does routinely perform motor swaps as well as general and custom aftermarket work on cars, which increases performance and horsepower. As always, customers are encouraged to take their cars to the local tracks where racing is monitored for safety and performance is documented with a time slip. SRD will continue to sponsor, promote and participate in racing at the local tracks and events rather than on local streets.

Michael Maggiore
Superior Racing Development/
TeamSRD Racing

More outlets for racing: I just read your article on street racing and must say I'm a little pissed off. First of all, a lot of your information is very misleading, and I happen to know for a fact that some of it is downright false. For instance, you went along with all the other media when saying the accident Michael Esquer was involved in was directly related to street racing, but it wasn't. Another thing, with all the talk of drag racing and giving young people an avenue to alleviate their "need for speed," you forgot some other crucial organizations that cater to this crowd on a different level: road racing. There are several local road racing organizations that offer, for a fee, the opportunity to take your car on a real racetrack and learn to control it at speed. The downside is, however, the fact that while people are crying for a way to get kids off the street, they're in turn eliminating avenues for this to happen. Arizona Motorsports Park, which is located in Litchfield Park, was shut down just over a month ago. The topic could be argued forever, but the fact is, if Phoenix wants to get kids and adults off the street, more outlets need to be created or allowed to exist that will facilitate that. Why don't you do some investigative reporting on that?

Name withheld by request

Lots of streets, no waiting: This article is a complete warp on street racing.

First off, the entire city makes a big deal of these accidents yet doesn't even give a hoot when Arizona Motorsports Park closes down, which was the biggest and safest place for this stuff to go down. And you wonder why the spike in street racing occurred? Why not reflect on that aspect? Oh, because people will agree with it and realize that all this extra street racing is partially our own fault for not making outlets for our youth. No one wants to wait at Firebird three hours to race once, so they hit the streets. DUH!

I want my 15 minutes back from reading this article. I felt like puking.

Name withheld by request

Political Climate
The lies exposed: There's an old saying about politicians: "Anyone who goes into politics as a business has no business going into politics." John Dougherty's column"Dangerous Duo" (March 4), about elected politician Mark Thompson and his wife, an appointed politician, proves the truth of this saying. What greed! What self-serving! What kind of unthinking constituency elected him? What kind of laws do we have that we cannot force this corrupt board member out of office? Thank you, John Dougherty, for exposing the lies and conflicts of interest of this duo.

Beverly Terry

Christ Almighty
Picky, picky: The review of The Passion of the Christ movie in your February 26 issue ("Suffer Unto Mel," Robert Wilonsky), like other reviews, ignored the fact that the events depicted could not have occurred as described, because: (1) Jews obeyed the Exodus 12:22 commandment not to leave their house after the Passover meal; therefore, no Jews would have been available to seize Jesus, who also would not have left the house where he had the Passover meal; (2) Jews did not hold trials during Passover week, so no priests or other Jews would have been available to question Jesus; (3) Jews and others would have wanted to befriend someone who could heal the sick and raise the dead; (4) Jesus did not violate Jewish law by calling himself the Son of God, but he did commit a capital crime under Roman law by calling himself a king without Roman authorization; (5) the Romans did not release a prisoner during Passover, and Pilate did not have the authority to release someone (Barabbas) accused of sedition; (6) Pilate, who had massacred thousands of Jews and looted the temple, did not meet or speak with Jews and did not comply with their demands; (7) if Jesus had appeared before Pilate and Pilate considered him to be innocent, he would have freed him, but he could not free anyone claiming to be a king; (8) the gospel accounts are contradicted by Peter and Paul in the Book of Acts; (9) there is no historical evidence to support any of the contradictory gospel stories.

John Monkton

The Pit of Hell
Phoenix's own Bob Guccione: Upon a recent trip to Phoenix, I picked up a copy of New Times to see what was happening in the area. I happened upon the article by Stephen Lemons titled "Freaknik Flossin'" (Inferno, February 26). Wow, was I blown away! I can't believe he can get away with writing about the things he described. It seemed like something out of Penthouse magazine. I definitely would not want my wife to read it, but it sure stirred my curiosity. However, this is not the type of journalism that should be allowed in a public forum which minors might get hold of. What would your (or Mr. Lemons') mother have to say about such trash? Who gives you the right to publish this kind of filth for the general public to read? Someone should pull your plug!

Ralph Lassiter
Little Rock, Arkansas

Racist Rebukes
We all have struggles: "The New Racism" article was a little disturbing (Paul Kix, February 26). I can't seem to understand where the racism is coming into play. Just because they would not let the group perform didn't have to do with the color of their skin. According to the article, not all the members were black. And the gentleman, Michael Mack, whose son didn't make the basketball team wasn't because he was black, maybe he just wasn't very good. I get upset being a white with just as many struggles as anyone else. But some blacks of today just want to segregate themselves. They want a black student union. Show me the white student union. Why is it always the whites being racist? The blacks just do it to themselves. So quit whining, quit blaming everyone else and learn to look past the color of your own skin.

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