Letters from the week of March 18, 2004

This is real offensive and unnecessary. Also, why demean minorities in that cartoon in a month that we should celebrate them? Probably because you're too racist to take this time to celebrate our contributions to this damn place. I'll pray for you.

Alicia Stafford

Looks like Stephen could move to West Virginia, too: Wow! Lucky for me Stephen Lemons gives us the lowdown on gangbangin' lesbos and homos! A friend of mine turned me on to Lemons' slick style of writing, and I tune in every week to get a glimpse of what his fat ass has to say. Though Lemons is quite civilized with his detailed study of what I personally would categorize as the epitome of human boredom, his humorous asides allow us to peek inside his fat white boy carcass and see that, even though he likes to talk like a homie, he's just a funny intellectual trying to pass as a hepcat.

Lookin' forward to next week's tour de force, Stephen!

Mark Donahue
Charleston, West Virginia

Elder Abuse
A hero of the disabled: I cannot thank you enough for your article on HB 2439 ("Dangerous Duo," John Dougherty, March 4). It hit the problem right on the mark.

I am a wife whose husband had been in a nursing home for four years. I cannot tell you the horrendous abuses perpetrated on the defenseless disabled elderly. I have pictures of falls. My husband was strapped to his chair. The aide and nurse were fired because I had the ability to sue. I did not sue, but because I went to the administrator and threatened to sue, something was done. My husband was eaten by ants because the nursing home was trying to save money, they did not have the exterminator on the Alzheimer's unit as much as they should. Again, if I did not have the right to sue, nothing would have been done. I don't believe that insurance will go down if this bill passes. I have never seen insurance go down.

I think what is happening is wrong and I thank you for bringing that to the forefront. You are a hero of the abused, disabled adults, in my mind. I cannot thank you enough for your article.

Eleanor Addeo
Via e-mail

More thanks: Thank you for raising awareness to just how lucrative the care of the elderly is getting to be. Many people actually believe that there is no money here. If that is the case, why are big hotel chains now joining the wonderful world of "free care" to the elderly? (The Hyatt and Marriott are good examples.) Thank you once again.

Cynthia Brady

Food for Thought
Unreadable: My wife's sister and her husband are moving to the Phoenix area later this year. They have the money and time to eat out often and will be doing so.

When visiting, they have enjoyed more than one restaurant that I had learned about from Carey Sweet and recommended to them. They were never disappointed.

They were here last month and loved the Havana Cafe, which was reviewed recently by your new hire ("Hog Heaven," Stephen Lemons, February 19). I had the link for the article in an e-mail draft for a while but never got around to sending it to them. I had planned to suggest to them that they check your site each week to educate themselves, but after reading more of Stephen Lemons' reviews, I changed my mind.

I will still recommend restaurants based on his reviews, but I cannot recommend reading his reviews. His self-absorption and total lack of finesse are just too grating.

The Dining section will continue to be my first stop, but I will not turn to it with the eagerness of the past. Please bring back Carey, if you can.

Clint Deal
Sun Lakes

Indigestible: Boo. I had to give up reading the article on Renaissance Fair food before you ever got to the point of reviewing the food ("RenFest Retch," Stephen Lemons, March 11). What arrogant "better than thou" bullshit! I no longer cared what you think. It's my first food article by you that I've read. You are obviously one of those north Scottsdale "pretty food" elite buffoons. Go work for the Arizona Repulsive. You'll feel better about yourself. Jeez!

Name withheld by request

Phoenix's own Pauly Shore: In the past, I looked forward to the New Times food reviews. They were irreverent, but full of good food info. I now find that I am unable to finish them. I like to dine out, and have enjoyed several meals at the Roaring Fork ("Hype-Happy," Stephen Lemons, February 26). If this were not a restaurant that I was familiar with, Stephen Lemons gave me very little information that would help me decide if I would like the place.

My sense -- after trying to read several of his reviews -- is that Mr. Lemons is really Pauly Shore sent to Phoenix to goof on the locals.

Please. More information about the food and less about your eating companions and their dress.

Randy Nelson
Via e-mail

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