Blast From the Past

Here are the chilling and embarrassing details from Connie Thompson's life that she didn't want state officials to know

A man using that fake name had been cited by police for a minor traffic infraction in April 1984 near Salinas. The California Highway Patrol finally caught up with Alan Robert Terry and arrested him on June 1, 1984, at a Hells Angels camp in Monterey County.

Big Al Terry had been on the run for nearly 30 months. He was convicted of second-degree murder on March 8, 1985. Sentenced to 21 years in the slammer, he died in a Tucson prison hospital on December 6, 1998, of natural causes.

These are the facts that Connie Thompson hid from the state.

Connie Thompson emphasizes that the charges against her were dropped.
Connie Thompson emphasizes that the charges against her were dropped.

What I believe is that she learned how to manipulate the system 22 years ago when she was a fugitive from justice assisting a man who had committed murder. And I think she's still manipulating it today, as a member of a board charged with protecting the sick and the elderly.

Her behavior on that board has been so outrageous that other members have unanimously demanded that she resign. Meanwhile, her husband continues to support legislation that would benefit their business by stripping away legal remedies for one of the weakest segments of our society.

It's time for Governor Janet Napolitano to step in and demand Connie Thompson's resignation. And if Thompson won't go, the state should reopen its investigation and bring charges against her for lying on her board application.

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