Letters from the week of April 1, 2004

The facts are that all of these 73 so-called "Degas (bronze) sculptures" are inauthentic and counterfeit, and the Phoenix Art Museum is violating its own endorsed ethical guidelines by exhibiting them.

Gary Arseneau
Ribault's Gallery of Fine Art
Fernandina Beach, Florida

Hip, hip horray: Excellent article on the Degas bronzes, and shame on the Phoenix Art Museum!

Chuck Lakin

Afflicting the Weak
Throw out the scoundrels: As a former member of the Arizona House of Representatives I have been reading with dismay your articles regarding Mark and Connie Thompson.

I served many years as a member of the House Human Services Committee. My last two years were with Representative Pete Hershberger. Although we were of different political parties, we collaborated on many matters. Mr. Hershberger is exactly the type of man that this committee needs. He is selfless, not self-serving.

To now see that he has been replaced by the likes of Mr. Thompson is not only a slap in the face to all of us, but downright scary. Mr. Hershberger was punished for doing the right thing, and Mr. Thompson was rewarded for doing what? Voting for a bill with which he had a blatant conflict of interest.

As someone who has spent a fair amount of time on senior-related issues, I'm appalled that the Thompsons have been able to abuse the system in such a fashion. These people should not be making decisions that affect the lives of anyone, let alone some of our most vulnerable citizens. I applaud you for your efforts in bringing this to light. Perhaps the voters will send a message next November.

Kathi Foster
Former State Representative
Litchfield Park

Gays Aren't Special
I'm no Nazi sympathizer: Am I the only one who sees the ulterior motive behind the display exhibit "Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals" at Burton Barr ("Pink Persecution," Robrt L. Pela, March 18)? Am I the only one who sees the irony of this exhibit being displayed at the same time that gays are trying to ram same-sex marriages down our throats?!

The obvious implication here is that those of us who oppose same-sex marriage and the gay lifestyle are like the Nazis who slaughtered thousands and thousands of innocent Jewish men, women and children in WWII.

I do not at all condone what the Nazis did, but I fail to see how the homosexuals were singled out of anyone else whom the Nazis wanted to eliminate. I'm saddened that the library is wasting its space on this bullshit and even sadder still to see New Times waste its ink on it. To use the deaths of those thousands of people to further other agendas is sick, twisted and wrong!

Jon Krieger

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