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ASU student Jaime Hammer exposes her inner beauty for Playboy's annual College Girls issue

NT: That doesn't seem fair.

Hammer: Well, it's probably because it's a special issue [of the magazine], and, on the food chain, special issues are way at the bottom. I'm making them a whole bunch of money, because like the issue is already sold out in a bunch of places. I've done the radio thing three times now, I've done news shows, I'm like plugging it and it's selling, so it's the least they can do. A friend is throwing a party for me, and she had to buy 50 issues, because Playboy wouldn't give them to her. It's just a big pain in the butt.

NT: I guess I should ask what you're majoring in.

Look out, world. It's Hammer time.
Emily Piraino
Look out, world. It's Hammer time.

Hammer: Communications. I'm graduating in May, and [the entertainment industry] excites me. I'm going to try to get into that. It's nice because now I've gotten to see what radio is like, what TV is like. I know that it takes, like, three days to do a photo shoot.

NT: Why does it take three days to photograph a naked woman?

Hammer: We got behind because on the first day of the shoot I had an exam, and I couldn't tell my teacher, "Uh, could I reschedule? I have a Playboy shoot." So I shot until about 2:30, ran back to class in full makeup and eyelashes -- everyone was staring at me -- and got an A on the test. That was my multi-tasking for the day.

NT: It's nice that you didn't have to ditch school to appear in Playboy. So, are those your real breasts?

Hammer: Yes. But I don't knock cosmetic surgery, except when people get obsessed with it and do things that make them look ridiculous.

NT: It's obvious you wouldn't do anything that would make you look ridiculous. I guess having the cover model in the College Issue of Playboy won't change ASU's reputation for being the country's number one party school.

Hammer: Well, ASU has sort of a long history of having girls appear in the College Issue. But I'm the first one to appear on the cover.

NT: Which could lead to big things!

Hammer: I don't know what. I mean, so far it's opened little, tiny doors. But those double doors haven't opened yet. I'll be graduating in May, with honors. Cum laude.

NT: You speak Latin! So, tell me: How are the guest towels at the mansion?

Hammer: The guest towels? Um, I've been to the mansion, but I didn't go to the grotto or anything. I went to the mansion when I was 17, because I lived in L.A. when I was growing up, and this girl in my grammar school, her dad was some old actor who was friends with Hugh. Robert Culp? I don't know if you've ever heard of him. Probably not.

NT: Robert Culp? Well, yes, actually, I have heard of him.

Hammer: He was on, like, I Spy with Bill Cosby a gazillion years ago.

NT: I seem to remember something like that.

Hammer: Anyway, that was her dad, and he was a friend of Hef's, so he gave us tickets to a pajama party at the Playboy mansion. I was a little intimidated, because I'm originally from the Midwest, and this was a whole other ballpark. I was blown away by that party, and that's when I started to get intrigued by the whole Playboy thing. Ever since I visited the mansion, I was like, "I'm gonna make it back there one day."

NT: Well, good luck.

Hammer: I figure, if [Playboy] isn't going to pay me for all the promoting I've done, the least they can do is give me a free ticket to the mansion. And hire me to do another shoot. I'm selling their product like crazy.


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