From Russia (With Love?)

Women are women and the men are men in Russia

NT: I'm going to guess that you don't believe in fate -- waiting around 'til the woman of your dreams shows up.

Adams: Oh, absolutely. But I also believe you have to help create your fate. You can't just sit around watching TV, waiting for her [to show up].

NT: Women have become so unpredictable since we gave them the vote.

Adams: Now, I didn't say that. But the roles have become really muddled, and the guys who come to us say they don't know how to treat American women anymore. "Should I cry, should I not cry? Should I be strong or sensitive? Should I open the door for her or not? Is she going to slap me if I tell her she looks nice?"

NT: Maybe these guys don't need Russian women, they just need to stop dating bitches. "Will she slap me if I tell her she looks nice?" Give me a break!

Adams: (Laughing.) I know. But in Russia, the women are women and the men are men. The women are very feminine. There's no question whether you should open the door for them.

NT: What if a client comes to you and says, "I want a big-titted blonde chick who doesn't speak English"?

Adams: I've had guys who've called and said, "My buddies are going over for a weekend and we want to use your service." This isn't an escort service. We won't take that kind of client. This is a serious marriage agency. Sex can happen, and does, but if you're going over there for just sex, you're gonna get shut down pretty quick.

NT: How do you know your Russian brides aren't just looking for citizenship here?

Adams: We don't. But just because you get married, you don't automatically become a citizen. It's another five years before you can even apply for citizenship. You have to have a pretty cold heart to sleep with a guy every night for five years just to get citizenship. That's just really cold.


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