Low Flying Owls, with The Fall

Sacramento's Low Flying Owls swoop into the Valley, bringing a modern mlange of hard, distorted guitar rock and off-kilter psychedelic experimentalism to promote their second full-length, Elixir Vitae, an excellent offering that flirts with many styles but decides it likes two the best. Vitae's loud tracks are repetitive enough to either hypnotize or induce ass shaking -- or sometimes both on one song -- in the same way a good T-Rex song might, with singer and principal songwriter Jared Southard's snarling vocals painting dark pictures that meld with the pulsating backdrop. The mid-tempo offerings are just as effective when acoustic guitar, melted strings and Southard's voice play at trippiness. And while the band does borrow, it creates more than it steals -- a modern missing link between hard garage psychedelia, early Floyd and Brit Pop.


Are scheduled to perform on Thursday, May 6. For more information, call 602-258-7888.
Old Brickhouse Grill, 1 East Jackson Street

Cult heroes The Fall headline the bill, so the musical prospects are good. Let's just hope that Mark E. Smith is not confined to a chair behind a desk as he was on the last tour (due to injury), and that the Owls don't inadvertently close the Brickhouse -- the last gig they played in town turned out to be the final night before Nita's Hideaway shut down.

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