Letters from the week of May 13, 2004

You do need to get out more often: I've been reading this column you guys have been running, Inferno, and I've just got to tell you I think this is the funniest shit I've read in a long time in this town. The one on the Emerald Lounge was off the hook, what with that fire-eating dude, the guy who wears no underwear and that hot chick who fronts for Hell on Heels. I loved that line where Jett says, "I'm Starsky and he's the car!" I haven't laughed so much since they took Beavis and Butt-head off the air.

I think you should run photos of Kreme and Jett so we can see what they look like for real. Is Kreme really 300 pounds? Is Jett really a hot lesbian? Don't know if I've ever seen one of those. The whole thing sounds like some Hollywood idea for a sitcom. You should have them go to one of those sex clubs in town. I've never been to one, but I'd like to know what goes on. Maybe I'd like to go.

Phoenix is a big city, population-wise, but it still seems like a cow-town to me sometimes. But when I read Inferno, I realize there's weird stuff going on here just like there is in L.A., N.Y. or San Fran. I guess I have to get out more often.
John Collins, Phoenix

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