Hair Stories

Messy brows? Hairy butt?
Need a full body wax?
No problem.

"Timid is bad," says Harry. "[This] one gal used big blobs of wax that would get cold and then pulled it off slow and have to do it again. It was a lot more painful."

Harry also said some places he called wouldn't do a full body wax on a man in one session, making the process more time-consuming, and much more expensive. To have all one's body parts waxed à la carte would cost as much as $350 to $375 over multiple sessions, whereas Wilson charges $200 to $275 for a full body wax, which takes about two hours of fast waxing.

Wilson also offers Designer Bikini Waxes (men opt most frequently for half-moon styles, triangles and lightning bolts); In-Home Waxing Parties (for 10 or more); and a Frequent Waxers Club with rewards for multiple visits and for referring friends. Wilson also makes waxing sentimental, by donating 5 percent of every waxing fee to charity, proving she is a waxer with a big heart.

A big, hairless heart.

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