Heil to the Chief

ASU's Art Museum is planning a show to coincide with this fall's presidential debate. The art would make Michael Moore blush.

"In a way, it offends me. It's a selective use of facts," Chillag says, once told about many of the other works in the exhibition. "It's just like Rush Limbaugh making some statement on his radio show. It's a big bold fucking statement and there's no way of challenging it.

"I feel like the show's overt Bush-bashing is going to compromise my work."

So does that mean he might pull out of the exhibition altogether? (That is, if there is one.)

Richie Bush by Peter Kuper
courtesy of Peter Kuper
Richie Bush by Peter Kuper

"Probably not," he admits. "I know it's gonna be to the left, and that could be good. It's state-funded and that's an obvious conflict. But it's a gutsy show, and I have admiration for that. But is it fair? Maybe not."

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