Sheriff Joe's Real Estate Game

Arpaio's invested $690,000 in cash in two commercial properties since 1995. Some other investment records are sealed.

In March 2002, Chief Deputy Hendershott gave a deposition in a dismissal hearing for sheriff's Deputy Mark Guemes, who had the bad luck to be getting off-duty service (or was it servic-ing?) inside a massage parlor when it was raided by the Phoenix Police Department vice squad.

The sheriff's office wanted to fire Guemes for engaging in "unbecoming conduct" and lying to superiors about his encounter with a couple of gals inside an Ahwatukee apartment. Guemes paid $140 for a massage and testified that he was expecting to be masturbated before the cops entered the apartment.

While Guemes was in one bedroom, a Phoenix vice cop was in another. The woman dealing with the Phoenix officer became suspicious when he refused to drop a towel from around his midsection. He also had paid the woman $140, but she returned it when she suspected the bust was about to occur.

During the deposition, Guemes' attorney, Clarisse McCormick, asked Hendershott why a cop doing undercover work in a vice operation would not be able to remove a towel covering his genitals.

"As a matter of policy now, most agencies will not allow their officers to remove the towel," testified Hendershott, who worked as an undercover vice cop for eight years.

"Basically, because it would be inappropriate?" McCormick asked.

"I believe . . . there is a lack of community acceptance to that without the towel being there as a buffer zone," Hendershott replied.

Eighteen months later, Arpaio went ahead with his big prostitution sting. Romley's decision makes it clear that the "community," which Hendershott referenced, won't condone the slimy investigative tactics he and Arpaio dumbly employed.

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Hedy Trevino
Hedy Trevino

I want to thank the phx new times for their hard work and relentless effort's to expose the truth. i have always been a big fan of this paper. long before SB 1070 became a 'public issue' this paper was on the job alerting us all that trouble was brewing. thank you for all do. thank you for never backing down. thank you for your integrity in reporting. Hedy Trevino


I just cannot wait to see this bastard end up in federal jail. If he has nothing to hide about his finances then he needs to be open about it. What is he scared of if he did nothing wrong? And its not really the amount of money, its the way it is being moved around and being purposefully hidden from the eyes of the public. This man is in a position that has a very large chance of corruption, therefore, he needs to be as open about his dealings as possible. He is a civil servant, and as an upstanding law-abiding citizen myself I want to make sure that the people doling out justice are actually doing their job, as opposed to some personal vendetta.


I love this article. Sheriff Joe needs to go. Hes an egotistical maniac and although I agree with him some on inmate treatment, I think he is only out for himself as your article so excellently depics!

Time for there to be a new Sheriff in town. Feel free to email me anytime if it pertains to removing the "Lamest Sheriff in America".

The people voting him into office are the half dead scared people called the Blue Hair Community!

People believe the hype and dont even realize what a con artist Arpaio really is. Unfortunately he will be dead by the time hes out of office and a full investigation is launched. At 72 your days are numbered!

Teresa McDonough
Teresa McDonough

I am so sick of every one flapping their lipping their lips and only hot air coming out. Did you ever stop to THINK, about INVESTMENT. HUM, do you know that word. Uncle Joe wasn't always a Sheriff for Maricopia County. He has Retired once already. But I will not disclose that information to you or anyone else cause it ain't your business. About the propertys, well have you ever heard of the word PROFIT? Well the mean of this word is to make money. So let's look at this, make money from PROFIT sell building get PROFIT,INVEST into other Property. Anyone can see where I'm going with this. My Father use to work construction and he invested his money and he own a Resturant, 2 houses,and a apartment building and was one of the wealthes man in my home town. He quit school when he was 13. I think was it comes down to is that you have a thorne stuck sideways where the sun don't shine and you wish that you could be Like MY UNCLE JOE. As far as Ava, You just leave her out it, SHE is A FINE, KIND HEARTED,WOMAN,UPSTANDING,WOULD NEVER HURT ANYONE. I saw the parade on TV and it look like to me that every one was happy to SEE Sheriff Joe & Ava Arprio. Cheer's after Cheer's so what's up with that. In closeing I only have to say I just see people that are jealouse who don't know how to INVEST their MONEY,Don't like the way UNCLE JOE is a fine and upstanding Lawman sticks to his guns and don't take no crap from ANYONE, and you are probably one who has been locked up by him. Just like to spread rumors and lies around to make your self look good. But in the eyes of GOD you are ugly and you will have to make up for all this before you are allow in the gates of heaven. You or noone else has the right to know Uncle Joe or Aunt Ava personal address or even know about their persaonal life and what and how the spend their money. What do you follow them around day and night. Your kind of people are sick. DON"T YOU HAVE A LIFE?? GET ONE!!

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