Letters from the week of July 22, 2004


Let he who is without sin . . . : Thanks so much for your article exposing the vigilante tactics of Perverted-Justice.com ! I used to be a member of its Follow Up Forum and am ashamed to admit I would harass people posted on the Perverted-Justice site. After talking to a few of PJ's victims, however, I soon came to see that PJ was causing untold damage to people's lives -- people who had never been given a chance to defend themselves in a court of law.

Since that time, I have been a member of Corrupted-Justice.com [an anti-Perverted-Justice Web site], and since posting at that site, I have been harassed and intimidated online by PJ members, who represent the worst that can be found on the Net. They are worse than the predators they purport to be trying to stop. The sooner their site is legally shut down, the better.

Congratulations once again on writing this article, and getting so much information about such a shadowy organization. I have no problem if you want to use this letter in your publication, because (unlike PJ members) I have nothing to hide.
Jeffrey Woloson, Amsterdam, Holland

Freaks and geeks: Those a-holes at the Perverted-Justice Web site -- particularly that Xavier Von Erck freak -- should be exposed for what they are: cowardly computer nerds who can't get laid. Seems like, too, they must have been brought up in the Holiness Church because they are so self-righteous! And what gives them the right? They are a bunch of computer Ku Klux Klanners.

But don't worry, I'm an expert at finding out who people are, no matter how hard they try to hide it, and I'm going to stop at nothing to out Von Erck, who should rename himself Von Dickless, as the sniveling little shit that he obviously must be.

I agree that guys who stalk children should be repeatedly violated in the slammer by Shaq-size bubbas, but these cowards at PJ take the cake. Anyhow, look out, Von Dickless, because I'm coming after [your identity] big time! Hope you don't have any skeletons among the flannel shirts with pocket protectors in your closet . . .

By the way, did it ever occur to this schmuck Von Dickless that selling sexy underwear on the PJ Web site is defeating his stupid cause? Duh, moron! Just shows what kind of perv he obviously must be. I'll bet my expensive sports car that he's like those gay Nazis in World War II-era Berlin who zealously put their kind in the ovens because they were ashamed of their own shit.

Is Von Dickless overcompensating for his own problems with little girls, or probably little boys?

I was all set to be mad at New Times for putting such a provocative cover out front of a story like "Perverting Justice" (I mean pandering to sex, and all), but once I read inside and saw that PJ members are the ones selling the damn thongs, what NT did made perfect sense. That stuck PJ's bullshit right in Von Dickless' face, right up his ass!

When I turn up the full story of Von Dickless' apparently pathetic, chickenshit life, I hope Susy Buchanan will write another insightful article. I know that if New Times [in L.A.] were still in business, it would be all over that follow-up.
Jimmie Watkins, Pasadena, California

Church chat: I can't believe you guys at New Times would write such a negative article about people who are on the side of the Lord, who try to bring justice to perverts who stalk little girls. My daughter fell victim to a pervert in an Internet chat room, and the tragedy our family has endured has been huge. I don't think she will ever be the same. I know, as her mother, I never will be.
Julia Sue Davis, Phoenix


Exposing the truth: On behalf of all the intelligent and informed New Times readers, thank you for your recent column exposing the truths about "America's Most Notorious Sheriff," namely Joke Arpaio ("Arpaio's Running Scared," John Dougherty, July 15).

It's about time that someone has the balls to expose the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the single biggest criminal still walking free.

The Arizona Communist, er, Republic, has sugarcoated this buffoon's antics for far too long now. The public has a right to know how its elected officials are perceived throughout the world. "America's Toughest Sheriff" needs to be impeached, arrested and then subjected to a few months in the worst part of his beloved Tent City. Perhaps then, after multiple beatings and intestinal parasites from slop not fit for pigs, he would realize just what a travesty he's made of the judicial system in Maricopa County.

Voters, wake up and see that the incarnation of Hitler is in our midst and in need of an old-fashioned belt whipping! It's one I'd be happy to administer.
Rodd St. Pierre, Scottsdale

Bully pulpit: Thank you for the great writing! It made my day. I've been depressed for a long time every time I even hear this psycho Joe Arpaio mentioned in the news. I feel bad for any inmate in his "care." He's a bully.

I've always wondered why things had to be so embarrassingly bad in Arizona. It makes me sad, even though I was born here. Arpaio is not a decent human being, yet there he is, thinking he's the dictator of Arizona -- out there creating a worse world.

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