Outlaw Joe

One of Arpaio's own deputies testifies about how the MCSO smeared Dan Saban.

Bailey, despite his concerns over a conflict of interest, says he "didn't see a problem in taking the initial report."

But, he stated, he saw a huge problem if it went any further: "I did see a problem in us continuing to investigate it past taking her initial information."

It was obvious from the moment that Bailey and another detective named Gentry arrived at Ruby Norman's home that she wanted to sabotage Saban's campaign.

"It's typical of vindictive Joe to try to turn an underage sexual assault victim into a criminal."
Justin Page
"It's typical of vindictive Joe to try to turn an underage sexual assault victim into a criminal."
Even if you're not a Republican, you can register 
temporarily as one to vote for Dan Saban in the primary. 
This column tells you how.
Even if you're not a Republican, you can register temporarily as one to vote for Dan Saban in the primary. This column tells you how.

"When we initially got there, she started to talk about political issues. I told her I was not there to talk about any political issues regarding her or anybody else she wants to mention," Bailey testified.

During the interview with Norman, Bailey testified in the sworn deposition, he was surprised to learn that her allegations were about an event that occurred more than three decades ago, long after the statute of limitations had run.

"I remember sitting there thinking, 'Thirty years is a long time,'" Bailey testified.

By the time Bailey returned to his Phoenix office, he was convinced that Norman was politically motivated, that the statute of limitations had run on her allegation and that the sheriff's office had an obvious conflict of interest in the case.

Bailey said he discussed the situation with others in the office.

"What was the discussion?" Robbins asked.

"Just that, you know, we can't investigate this," Bailey responded. "We have a responsibility as a law enforcement agency, if somebody wants to report a crime, to either point them in the right direction or take the initial information and pass it to the appropriate agency."

Bailey said he and Detective Gentry told their immediate superior, Lieutenant Jones, "We cannot investigate this, period."

Despite his deep concern about the situation, Bailey said he prepared a written report on the matter. To cover his butt, Bailey made it clear that he was aware there was a conflict of interest.

"I wrote that in my original report," he stated.

Robbins asked the obvious question: "Why did you even write a report?"

"I was told to," Bailey replied.

"By whom?" Robbins wanted to know.

"My lieutenant," Bailey testified.

"Was he advised, as well, that the statute of limitations was long past?" Robbins asked.

"Once we got back to the office and we told him," Bailey stated.

Outlaw Joe was also very interested in the interview with Saban's foster mother, Bailey testified.

"[Arpaio] asked me, 'Did you talk to her?'" Bailey stated. "I told him I found her articulate and well-spoken."

Bailey testified in the deposition that he prepared a police report and, within two days, it landed on the desk of Lisa Allen MacPherson, Arpaio's public information officer.

MacPherson, who routinely ignores the Arizona Public Records Law by refusing to respond to my requests for public records, wanted a copy of the report because she had miraculously received a public records request from none other than Arpaio campaign contributor and Channel 15 reporter Rob Koebel.

Koebel tells me he had no idea that the sheriff's office had put together a criminal report based on Norman's interview and that he just happened to submit a public records request to MCSO regarding the matter.

"[Ruby Norman] was shopping the story around," Koebel says. "It was just good reporting."

Sorry, Rob, but I don't believe you. It's far more likely that MacPherson gave Koebel the heads up to request the police report -- which never should have been written because the statute of limitations had expired.

MacPherson cut loose the report based on Norman's politically motivated allegations. Then Koebel used it to ambush Arpaio opponent Saban on April 30.

Scumbags, all around.

It gets worse.

Immediately after the Channel 15 story aired, Saban's attorneys demanded a copy of the police report. I also asked for a copy and so did the county's daily newspapers.

Shazam! Suddenly, the report is no longer available.

Arpaio told me in a June 1 interview that he had sent the report to the Pima County Sheriff's Office after suddenly realizing that his office had a conflict of interest.

But that's just another whopping lie by Outlaw Joe.

In fact, the report was locked up in an MCSO desk drawer for another few weeks before it was finally sent down to Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik in late June. Dupnik, after consulting with the Arizona Attorney General's Office, quickly dropped the case because the statute of limitations had expired.

"To this day, I have no copy of the police report," Saban tells me.

Neither do I.

The slimy and possibly illegal action by Arpaio's threat squad has cost Saban more than $8,000 in legal and private investigation fees.

There's no doubt that Outlaw Joe should be removed from office. And there is only one way to guarantee that happens.

It's time for voters to use guerrilla tactics, and thanks to a nifty Internet site, there's a simple and easy way for Democrats to register as Republicans in the upcoming primary.

Go to www.servicearizona.com and scroll down to the "Voter Registration" icon. Click on it and follow the prompts. In five minutes, you're a temporary Republican.

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