PAL-ican Brief

Can PALican take off?

Aloisi:Well, in this case, if you write to us and your name doesn't get drawn, you can go out and buy a PALican tee shirt or a plush doll. That's why we're doing the licensing thing.

NT: And I read that you're planning the PALican Palace Theme Park, with a train, a roller coaster, an indoor dolphin show, miniature golf, a rock climbing wall, a movie theater, a hotel, and a shopping mall. A dolphin show?

Aloisi:It's the most popular attraction at any amusement park in the world. You can't get a seat at Hershey Park Arena.

Beak easy: PALican speaks -- through his producer, Mike Aloisi -- about eating parts of yourself to prevent starvation and the importance of a good bath toy.
Irvin Serrano
Beak easy: PALican speaks -- through his producer, Mike Aloisi -- about eating parts of yourself to prevent starvation and the importance of a good bath toy.

NT: I see a future filled with PALican lunchboxes, headbands and disposable diapers.

Aloisi:We're taking the show and we're driving it toward marketing. Our first goal is to find a pool company. We want to create the PALican Protection Program that will take child drownings to zero in the great state of Arizona.

NT: How do they expect to compete with big-budget shows like Dora the Explorer and Blue's Clues?

Aloisi:I don't think we have any competition. Kids are on the computer all day long, going too fast. PALican is going to slow things down.

NT: How did you decide to cast two white kids?

Aloisi:We had some black children [audition]. We had a mulatto child. We didn't want to force something to happen. We didn't design that they'd be white. There was one finalist who was Hispanic, but he did not relate well to the girl. Now, Gina [Tleel] is Hispanic, and so naturally she's going to try to keep it in the family. She had the chance to say, "Well, I related better to the Hispanic [kid]," but she didn't do that. Fifty-one thousand kids auditioned, and the two we chose were the ones who did the job best.

NT: Is the show educational? Because it seems to me there's a certain amount of tourism involved.

Aloisi:There's terrific places we can go! We're going to do an episode at the Science Center, we're going to [Olga Korbut's] gym, we're going to the museum. Right now we're at the point where, after another couple of three shows, we're going to have an Emmy-winning show.

NT: Maybe you could get a bird suit where the beak moves when he talks.

Aloisi:I think that's hokey. I don't think that the beak moving conveys talking. Not many people wonder why his mouth doesn't move. Did I mention that we've got PALican designer lollipops? PALican has a settling-down effect on people. I feel he's caused me to settle down. He takes a serious situation and makes it silly. Kids love PALican. Your niece likes PALican. Do you like PALican?

NT: Oh, I don't know.

Aloisi:You have to get to know him better.

NT: I guess I could watch the show a few more times.

Aloisi:That's all it takes. Because I'm telling you, in September we're going to see a PALican explosion.


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