Sky Lounge: Rainbow Room (high energy dance)

Suede: DJ MCB (house)

Upper Deck Sports Grill: DJ Static (Top 40, hip-hop)

Sunday 8 AZ 88: P-Body (acid jazz lounge)

Ain't Nobody's Bizness: DJ Statik (hip-hop)

Boom Night Club: History ('80s and '90s retro)

BS West: Tea Sunday Dance with rotating DJs (high energy dance)

Club Bash: Noche de Salsa with Leo Blaze (reggaeton, cumbia, bachata)

Club Rio: Salsa Sundays with guest DJs (salsa)

Dos Gringos -- Scottsdale: DJs Sterling & Translator (all genres)

E-Lounge: Trash Disco with Laura B (disco)

Furio: Aria with guest DJs (eclectic)

Harley's 155: Retro with DJ FX (high energy dance)

Mardi Gras Bar & Grill: DJ Steel (Top 40, alternative)

McDuffy's: H.I.P. Night with DJ Sean (hip pop)

PI: Distorted Disco (disco)

Scorch Bar: DJ Pauly (Top 40)

Shepherd's: Soak Her Sundays with DJ K-Money (Top 40, hip-hop)

Six: Red with Pete Salaz & Sean Morley (techno)

Suede: North Shore with DJ J. Alan (old school, hip-hop)

Monday 9 Acme Roadhouse: DJs J. Alan & MCB (hip-hop, house)

Club Bash: Elevate with DJs Rongstep & Optic (drum 'n' bass)

Elixir: Vegas Night with DJ Devine (all genres)

Harley's 155: DJ FX (high energy dance)

Shaker Room: DJ De Söl (hip-hop)

Shepherd's: Open Turntables (all genres)

Tuesday 10 Ain't Nobody's Bizness: DJ Suzy (high energy dance)

Anderson's Fifth Estate: DJ Static (hip-hop)

Elixir: DJ Michael (hip-hop)

Fat Cats: Speak E-Z with DJs DFT & Ariel (drum 'n' bass)

Fat Tuesday: DJ Adrenalin (hip-hop)

Harley's 155: Tattered 'n' Torn with DJ FX (high energy dance)

Ichiban's: Bonzai Bumrush with Just Chris & Feeblez Crew (hip-hop)

The Library: DJ Diesel (Top 40, hip-hop)

Marc's Sports Grill: DJ Dave ('60s, '70s, & '80s)

Next: Sugar with Sean Morley (hip-hop)

Owl's Nest: DJ Slippe (Top 40, hip-hop)

Shepherd's: Industry Night with DJ Shocker (alternative, punk)

Sky Lounge: Rehab with DJs Jonah Gabriel & Steve Edwards (electro house)

Suede: Posh with Kevin Brown (house)

Sugar Daddy's: DJ M2 & DJ Bonds (house)

Ziggy's: "Cut the Crap!" with Wez Lundry (punk, garage, hardcore)

wednesday 11 Acme Roadhouse: DJ Jason (hip-hop)

Ain't Nobody's Bizness: Underground House Night (house)

AZ 88: P-Body (acid jazz lounge)

Club Blaze: Sin City with DJ Play (hip-hop, R&B, reggae)

Club Rio: College Hump Night (hip-hop, Top 40)

Clubhouse: Recess with rotating DJs (all genres)

Dwntwn Club: Twisted with DJ Bondz (all genres)

Elixir: DJ De Söl (hip-hop)

Fat Cats: Section 9 with DJs Nasty Nate & Send Units (electro)

Macayo's on Central: Big Latin & DJ Mystical (salsa fusion, old school)

Margarita Rocks: Nearly Naked Beach Party/Club Roxy with DJ Steel (alternative rock, dance)

Myst: DJ J. Alan (house)

Next: Batucada with Senbad & Salaz (house)

Owl's Nest: DJ Slippe (Top 40, hip-hop)

Pussycat Lounge: DJ Organic (hip-hop)

The Rogue: DJ Frenchie (punk)

Shepherd's: Ladies Night with DJs Earth & Statik (hip-hop, old school)

Sky Lounge: Essential with DJs Nappe, Ariel, & guests (drum 'n' bass, old school hip-hop)

Six: W with Dwayne (rock, hip-hop, fusion)

Suede: PCH (old school, funk)

Ziggy's: DJ Dana ('70s and '80s rock)

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