Letters from the week of August 12, 2004

I'll be anxiously awaiting your return to the Mason Jar, as I was the bartender who served you your $5 beer -- which is a steal for a 20-ounce beer at any bar or nightclub. I also want you to know that we do use your $5 (along with proceeds from the hundreds of other customers) to upgrade things like the sound and lighting systems, which consist of state-of-the-art equipment, but I'm sure you noticed that.

After you've done some homework, after you ask people about their Mason Jar memories, I am sure you will learn just how much has been done over the last five years under Mic Manfredi's ownership. Perhaps then we can laugh about how preposterous and poorly written your article in New Times was.

See you soon!
-- Trish Kenny, via Internet

Attention deficit: You couldn't write a semiprofessional article on Jimmy Eat World without dragging Braid through your incredulous, hateful opinions? You couldn't have just left them out of your article altogether? No, someone's negative opinions had to be heard.

Who's attention-starved?

Braid is far from attention-hungry. Their major reason for reuniting was to give all the new fans a chance to see them. Their fan base grew considerably after their breakup, which only tends to happen to the great ones. Sure, they had other reasons, but they were only secondary. Many young fans would tell the three in Hey Mercedes that they wished they had the chance to see Braid. They listened, because the guys in Braid are all about their fans.

How many attention-hungry bands will still play a full set of songs when only a handful of people show up in a remote area of the country? They've done this numerous times. Hell, I wouldn't have played a full set to the small Phoenix crowd, after having seen the California crowds the previous weekend. But they did.

If you're going to throw around some illogical opinions, let me do the same. Jimmy Eat World is only half the band Braid was. Jimmy Eat World wouldn't be around if it weren't for Braid, unless their first album was self-titled. Then they would've fit right in along with all the cookie-cutter pop-punk bands on the radio.

"Has-been little bitches?" Give up on any form of journalism now, for everyone's sake. If anyone's a bitch, it's you. Jimmy Eat World played there by choice! If you hated it so much, complain about their decision.

It's J.E.W. fans like you who have turned me from a "J.E.W.'s all right" mentality to a J.E.W. hater. Good job.
-- Gabe Loyer, via Internet


Chemical bond: When did Nancy Reagan join your staff ("Just Say No," Brendan Joel Kelley, July 22)? It's disappointing to see what little music press there is in this city wasted even beyond Brendan Joel Kelley's standard fare, in which slandering local promoters and recalling his hipster anecdotes has at least some relation to music. For the record, chemical analogues are not "chemicals one molecule off" from each other, as Kelley asserts, but instead are chemicals having one or more differing functional groups within similar molecular structures. It would seem Kelley's knowledge of chemistry is about as comprehensive as his knowledge of the local music scene. That's okay; if I had to pick one for him to brush up on, it wouldn't be chemistry.
-- Brandon Canfield, Tempe

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