Paranoia Reigns

Pissed at Joe's insanity, Senator John McCain makes it official: He endorses Saban.

Recently, the County Attorney's Office discovered that Arpaio's detectives were secretly taping telephone conversations with prosecutors. This unprecedented breach of trust between the MCSO and line prosecutors could jeopardize pending criminal cases, Romley's chief deputy, Paul Ahler, tells me.

"I don't think the public is being very well served by the sheriff's office directive to do this," Ahler snarls.

The level of distrust between the sheriff's office and the county attorney is now so high that prosecutors will no longer discuss any substantive issues with Joe's detectives over the phone. All discussions must be at the County Attorney's Office.

Senator John McCain's change of heart.
Rand Carlson
Senator John McCain's change of heart.

This will only further muck up the legal system and drive up the costs to taxpayers.

Which is the true legacy of Arpaio's 12 years in office.

He is costing taxpayers hugely in legal settlements stemming from the brutality unleashed on prisoners in the county jails. The unconstitutional abuses inside the jail system -- the countless deaths, beatings and injuries -- are a heavy price to pay to stoke Outlaw Joe's ego.

The cost has become far too great, especially when there are no benefits to keeping this Neanderthal around any longer.

And that is why McCain and county Republican party honchos -- who rarely turn on their own -- have joined the ranks of those who want Joe Arpaio voted out of office.

It's high time.

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