Put a quarter on Al Jourgensen's tongue and twist his ear

Former goths can think twice about reliving their glory years with Al Jourgensen and Ministry. The acerbic dance hit "Stigmata" is not on the set list this time around. "If we were going to get to all the little club hits or whatever, we'd have to do a three-hour set. We did a two-and-a-half-hour set last tour," Jourgensen says. "But we're touring with another band this time. So we're cutting the set back to about an hour and a half. You kind of got to pick and choose. Plus, we're all kind of sick of playing it after almost 16 years or something."

But Jourgensen is not totally averse to playing other hits, he says. "Our set will be mostly from our new album. If you put a quarter on my tongue, twist my ear, we'll become jukeboxes and spit out songs for you."

Faith collapsing: Ministry moves beyond greatest hits 
with a new album
Faith collapsing: Ministry moves beyond greatest hits with a new album


Scheduled to perform on Wednesday, September 8
Marquee Theatre in Tempe

The new album, Houses of the Molé, is Ministry's first in 18 years without the two cents of Paul Barker, a computer whiz who added a techno edge to Ministry. "A lot of the stuff we'll be doing is much more guitar-driven stuff that we've had. So therefore, [there will be] a lot of stuff off Psalm 69, three or four off Filth Pig and a couple off Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste, and we'll probably keep it at that."

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