Baghdad Bound

Where's the beef kebab? At Baghdad Restaurant, of course

"America is great," grins Alramahy. "Here if you want to say, 'George Bush go to hell,' you can, and no one cares. But back when I was in Iraq, if you said, 'Saddam Hussein go to hell,' your ass was gone, man, I'm not kidding."

Alramahy's father had a restaurant in Iraq, so cooking is in his blood. But after having his own business here in Phoenix for nearly three years, Alramahy's considering turning the whole kit and caboodle over to his relative Ali Alhachami, who helps him run the business now. Seems Alramahy wants to move to San Diego.

"I want to try it and see. Maybe I'll stay, or maybe I'll come back in a month," explains Alramahy. "I love Phoenix, but San Diego is so beautiful, and the weather is perfect there, man, I'm telling you."

Brothers in arms: Ali Alhachami (left) and cousin Rasul Alramahy.
Jackie Mercandetti
Brothers in arms: Ali Alhachami (left) and cousin Rasul Alramahy.

Location Info


Baghdad Restaurant

3650 W. Camelback Road
Phoenix, AZ 85019

Category: Restaurant >

Region: West Phoenix


Lamb and rice: $6.99
Fish and rice: $7.99
Baba ghanouj: $2.50
Falafel plate: $4.50

602-433-5206. Hours: Daily, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

3650 West Camelback Road (just west of 36th Avenue), Phoenix


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