The Time Warp, Again

Robrt Pela tracks the cult classic that won't go away

"Rocky Horror has lost its relevance. The musical was shocking and thought-provoking in an era when there were no lesbians on TV sitcoms, back when one had to go to a midnight movie to see a guy in a leather corset sing about having sex with men. Today, Rocky is so tame that it shows up as a plot point on Charles in Charge; where kids once sneaked out of the house to go see the movie, they're now signing on to one of more than 100 Rocky Horror Web sites written by people their parents' age."

September 4, 2004: Saw Nearly Naked Theatre's production of Rocky Horror tonight. I'm destined to spend my life revisiting Transsexual Transylvania, it seems. At least this production is interesting, and not just another homage to the film. Talk about doing the time warp: Carrie Berry Annie's daughter, my niece Stephanie, is in the cast, playing a Transylvanian. I am old.

Wonder what I can get for my Frankie poster on eBay?

Rocky redux.
Larry Ellis
Rocky redux.


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