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Tempe's Greenhaven gives the kiss of life to video promotion and parties like it's 1983

"We did a casting call of hot models, and it kind of morphed into a video shoot as well, with Dan Stone filming fun footage of frolicking nymphs all over the place," says Strangwayes. "The opening shot is the band in a hot tub with no chicks. And one of us turns to the other and goes, ÔWe should start a band,' and it goes to live footage interspersed with chicks doing full flips. We basically re-created Cannonball Run 2."

Uncle Dave, who wears a loincloth some of the time and went drunkenly berserk during the rest, can't remember to this day what happened, and shuns looking at the raw footage. "It's my Waterloo," he says.

Glory revival: The heyday of the hard rock video is gone, but Greenhaven's ready to bring it back.
Wez Lundry
Glory revival: The heyday of the hard rock video is gone, but Greenhaven's ready to bring it back.


Scheduled to open for Monster Magnet, and Bongzilla on Friday, September 10
Mason Jar

August 2004. Still no full-length album from the band, although its method of recording two songs at a time with a break for a video seems to have become the norm. "Videos are too much fun to make," says Strangwayes, who promises the band's CD will be finished by spring 2005, enhanced with three, possibly four videos.

Right now Greenhaven has yet another video in post-production for a song called "Throckmorton Express." It's being assembled by Stone, who interrupts shots of the band playing in its rehearsal room with stock footage from a construction site safety film called Shake Hands With Danger.

Before filming could begin, Uncle Dave received a large chunk of glass in his right wrist and had to be rushed to the hospital when some homemade beer that was stored in the band's rehearsal room exploded from internal pressure. Naturally, the band intends to re-create this accident for the cameras. "Breaking glass, liquids and videos," nods Strangwayes. "They all kinda go together."

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