Art for prez

Getting Bush-y with local artists

NT: Which is a nice way of saying a lot of people are chicken shit. Are you guys voting for Kerry, or against Bush?

McKenzie: I'm voting against Bush. I'm not a huge proponent of Kerry, but at this point anyone other than Bush is good.

Kratz: I wish I could be more enthusiastic about my candidate, but what I'm all about is anti-President Bush.

Who arted? Local artists stump for prez.
Emily Piraino
Who arted? Local artists stump for prez.
McKenzie, Kratz and Johnson have designs on the Oval 
Emily Piraino
McKenzie, Kratz and Johnson have designs on the Oval Office.

NT: What if he wins? Will you continue to dog him with your art?

Kratz: Absolutely!

McKenzie: You know, if there were some brilliant change in Mr. Bush's foreign policy plans, or if he suddenly denounced all the corporations he's so intimately tied with, then maybe I'd change my opinion. I'm not really concerned with Bush in the overall sense; he's just the president. If he wins, he's only got four more years, and hopefully they won't lead to something catastrophic. What I'm saying is I don't want him any more. He wasn't elected by the people in the first place.

Johnson: Neither was Clinton, who never got more than 40 percent of the vote. But the rules we have are the rules we have. Popular vote, electoral vote --

McKenzie: Whatever. Bush got in on a fluke, and we don't need him.

NT: Now, about art -- is anyone doing pro-Bush art here locally?

Kratz: Not that I know of. Scott, your "I Lied" slogan is good, because that's how President Bush does all his business -- if he says enough things that aren't true, then people are going to believe him.

NT: He's a politician!

Johnson: "I did not have sex with that woman!" is another kind of lie.

Kratz: Nobody died from that blowjob, as far as I know.

Johnson: Not yet, anyway.

NT: This is disgusting. I'm turning off my tape recorder.


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