The Saw Doctors

Kiss them--they're Irish

Galway County lads a long way from their Irish hearths, these boys have been hammering and crooning and rocking for nigh 15 years or more, and have suffered through some fairly devastating lineup changes of late. That said, they are -- and always have been -- a cracker live act suited for big venues, with crowds lustily chanting the tunes, glasses raised high. Funny, they've always courted a bit more stateside status, yet they've never compromised their hometown connections, with tunes rife with references to all things local (which, it turns out, are really universal). You'll also hear reggae and Cajun flavorings in their set.


Scheduled to perform on Thursday, September 30
Rhythm Room

Like one finds in a lot of post-Pogue bands -- Black 47, Rogue's March, Flogging Molly -- punk, rock and Irish mettle are a natural brew. What separates The Saw Doctors is their singular lack of spite, and audiences who come out to their Rhythm Room show can expect a solid rocking gig. But they'll also have to bring some spirit of their own, because bands like this feed off a good public frenzy.

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