Country Consorts

A former swing band king and an ex-Flathead member merge their retro-country projects. Now if they only had a name.

The last few years have been lost ones musically, as Wilson became a living footnote in former Meat Puppet Cris Kirkwood's ongoing struggles. "I got involved with his life because I was so worried about his well-being. The years Cris and I lived together, from 2000 to earlier this year, I just didn't play at all. I kind of disappeared for a while," Wilson says.

Sadly, Kirkwood's return to playing music is taking a lot longer, but Wilson's gigging with his amps and his blessing. Plans are afoot for Wilson and Hebert to expand their band, try getting a show for South by Southwest, and possibly tour. Unfortunately, there isn't a circuit for a country band to play on a small regional level.

"Country bars always have country cover bands," says Hebert. "Even a band like Flathead that plays a form of country music, like rig rock, cannot play the country bars."

He said, she said: Ruth Wilson (left) and Mike Hebert combine their musical talents.
Brandan Martinez
He said, she said: Ruth Wilson (left) and Mike Hebert combine their musical talents.


Will be headlining a show, October 21. Kings of Pleasure will also be playing
Yucca Tap Room in Tempe on Thursday

"In Flathead, we supported ourselves playing bars on Mill Avenue," says Wilson. "I quit my day job at Mood Swings where I was a manicurist."

She looks down at her bass-callused hands. "I still have my license. It's there to fall back on," she says, laughing. "But it's too late. I've already fallen."

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