Letters from the week of October 14, 2004

Thank you Marilyn and Michael Crow for holding down the fort and not making Arizonans look bad to Vice President Dick Cheney and the people who run our government.
Richard Denison, Prescott

More smartass writing, please: Give us more of Michael Lacey and Rick Barrs! Why is New Times hiding these guys under a rock? The two of them may possibly throw rocks at each other politically, but they can sure turn a phrase.

I'm not sure I agree with either of them on the major points they made -- I think we should all definitely vote for somebody despite any misgivings, and I see nothing wrong with ASU requiring a fair representation of political art at a state-funded art event. But I loved Lacey's line: "Make mine a double," among other zingers. And Rick's comparing the snooty ASU Art Museum crowd to Animal House hooligans was genius. His line comparing Marilyn Zeitlin to Saddam (in a funny way) was priceless.

Please, please publish more smart-ass (and smart) writing like this, which is what New Times is noted for!
Thomas Buchanan, Via the Internet


Way to sue the County Dictator: Man oh man, did you hit the mark with your article on suing Joe Arpaio ("We Sue the Coward of the County," Rick Barrs, September 30)! I lived in the Valley for 15 years, until 1999, and got sick of that weaselly blowhard of a Joke known as Arpaio. He is basically a County Dictator who feels he is accountable to no one, still, after all these years.

You are also correct in pointing out that the sellout Governor Janet Napolitano was cowering to the Big Gasbag so she could get elected. Everywhere else in this democratic country records requests are turned over pretty much ASAP. If not, you get sued and then a judge will inevitably order that person to provide such records. Arpaio can't seem to get this fact past that pea brain of his. God what a complete and utter moron that guy is!

I checked out New Times for the first time in quite a while and had to laugh to myself: Yep, Arpaio's up to the same ol' shit that he was pulling years ago. Very little has changed where that buffoon is concerned. Too bad those know-nothing geezers (in Sun City, most likely) with the "law and order" mentality keep re-electing that bozo. They appear to be his biggest supporters. Honestly, I have to wonder what it will take to get Arpaio bounced from office.

Wild West mentality=cruelty:I enjoyed reading your latest article about how New Times is suing that scum-bucket Arpaio. He makes me gag, and I am embarrassed to say I am from Maricopa County. He's so arrogant and, in my opinion, evil. I will vote against him in November.

Just as a principal sets a tone for a school, so does a police chief or sheriff set the tone for his team, his "posse." Jeez, I should go back to New York where we don't have such things as a Wild West mentality.

I've had bad experiences dealing with county jail employees. A couple of years ago, my son, who was psychotic at the time, was arrested and jailed at Durango for several weeks. When I went to visit him several times, I had to wait in long lines (with many other family members) in the hot sun, and felt I was being treated like a criminal myself. When I sat opposite him during the visit I had to see him and the other inmates, who were not even convicted of a crime yet, in the degrading pink socks Sheriff Joe is so proud of. I could barely have a conversation with my sweet son because he was delusional, and it just tore at my heart.

When he was released, the asshole who was at the place where I picked him up told me "Here, you can have him," like he was a dog or something. This was my precious son who was schizophrenic. I cannot believe that this attitude is OK with the general voting public. We need to get rid of this guy and his pink underwear and awful baloney sandwiches.

The good news is, my son is on the road to recovery. The bad news is, what about the others with or without mental illness who are subjected to such cruel treatment.

Adolescent efforts at humor: My pleasure in learning about the actions the New Times is taking to force the sheriff's office to comply with the Arizona Public Records law was seriously undermined by Rick Barrs' insistence on peppering the story with offensive and irrelevant remarks about various players in the case.

Public information offer Lisa Allen MacPherson was described as "one dumb bitch" and "a lady with a rep for giving excellent head (not just for the benefit of wrinkled, old Joe . . .)." Paul Chagolla was described as "her main MCSO butt boy" (no mention of his actual job title). Such gratuitously sexist and homophobic remarks are in a similar vein to New Times' often cringe-worthy cover art and headlines, which frequently reduce serious political and social issues to patently offensive caricatures. I.e. [the cover caption on a recent story]: "Michael Crow has made ASU's frat boys his bitches," and the innumerable representations of Janet Napolitano and other female public figures as dominatrixes, whores, evil nannies and other sexist stereotypes.

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