Letters from the week of October 21, 004

 Clods and Monsters

Kedwards offers no solution:Great story on the presidential election. ("Raging Bull," Michael Lacey, October 7). I work in politics, and I'm going insane right now. I can't wait until this election's over.

My view is that the world is better off without Saddam and his sons running Iraq, but obviously there's no way to prove it. I've got my complaints about the Bush administration and the way they run things, but imagine if the world had been on our side from day one, instead of pooh-poohing us through state-run media from the peanut gallery.

What if France, Germany, Russia and China understood the importance of ridding the world of Saddam? What if Canada and Mexico had the minimal stones to give us a unified Western Hemisphere front without having to send troops or incur any significant political cost? What if the U.N. decided it was an insult to its mission that Saddam had defied them for over a decade and sent some blue helmets to help out? What if Turkey had allowed us to run from its soil down through Fallujah in '03? What if Bush had actually thought a little bit about the postwar situation before it actually came about? Maybe Bush's democratic vision would actually be viable. Instead, the world wants us to fail, and we are failing, and it's deplorable no matter how you look at it.

But liberals have no answer either. All they do is point fingers and offer no solutions, especially Kedwards, who complained the troops had no body armor, then voted against the $87 billion supplemental. That really steams me!

I thought your story was one of the most well-balanced articles I've ever read in New Times. As a Bush supporter, I can say that I will vote for him while holding my nose and believing he is the lesser of the two evils.

Furthermore, I grew up just a mile from Michael Moore in Flint, Michigan, and remember his paper. He was then as he is now, one of the biggest assholes you will ever meet in your life. Michael Moore grew up as the fat kid everybody picked on, and therefore he developed either a hatred or cynicism for anything he could criticize. He will continue to find fault with anything he feels he can make into a movie.
Richard Kyle, Via the Internet

Pseudo-gonzo hit piece:"Raging Bullshit" would have been a better name for Mike Lacey's hit-piece on Michael Moore, which is filled with more misinformation and disinformation than a stump speech by Dubya himself.

Lacey's delivery is admittedly more amusing that Bush's, though perhaps not for the reason he believes; the overwrought, pseudo-gonzo prose cannot help but lead most readers to suspect that the article's author has been receiving his medication from Rush Limbaugh's former housekeeper.

But timing is everything, as the saying goes. And just the week before Lacey's piece appeared, Moore released his latest book, The Official Fahrenheit 9/11 Reader. In short, it completely shreds the attacks leveled by Lacey and his new best friend, David Hardy. Moore certainly doesn't need me or anyone else to defend his work, but there's just too many howlers in [the Hardy/Lacey] deranged diatribe to pass up.

For starters, Moore has never said or written anything stating that Saddam Hussein was anything less than a brutal SOB. Is it remarkable that David Hardy can edit a best seller excoriating Moore that does not contain a single pro-Hussein quote attributable to its target? Indeed, all along, Moore's point has been that Hussein was our SOB. Hussein was not a Marxist or a pro-Soviet SOB, nor was he a "jihadist" SOB. He was, for most of his career, a pro-United States SOB, just like Bin Laden during the Afghan conflict, and just like Manuel Noriega when he was helping the Contras terrorize Nicaragua while importing cocaine into this country. It is our foreign policy establishment that creates these regional, Third World Frankensteins who eventually break their chains and turn on their masters (just like the character in the Mary Shelley novel). Then, it becomes necessary to send in the Marines -- all in the name of "freedom and democracy."

Lacey's summarization of the results of the newspaper consortium looking into the last presidential election is a real corker. The consortium wasn't even formed for the purpose of determining whether "Bush stole the election"! It was formed for the purpose of determining whether Gore would have won the Florida election (and therefore the national election) if there had been a statewide recount, as Gore's team had argued before the various courts. Three guesses -- the first two don't count -- as to what the consortium's conclusion was.

Lastly, Mr. Lacey, you proclaim a newfound allegiance to Mexico. I wonder, have you bothered to ask the Mexican people what they think of this announcement? Or do you intend to impose yourself upon them, as George W. Bush has now imposed American rule upon Iraq?
Lee R. Poole, Phoenix

Network newshounds lie:I really enjoyed your article on the upcoming presidential race. I like to call myself a semi-moderate Republican. Your closing paragraphs go on about how we're failing in Iraq, but the funny thing for me is that I know a handful of people who served or are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, and every time they get to come home on leave, they are astonished at how negatively the progress in Iraq is portrayed on network news.

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