Doubly Bubbly

Technicolor Bubbles keeps it in the family

In Christina's freshman year, her talent for swimming became a serious pursuit. Now she's getting recruiting letters from colleges. "She swims 12,000 yards a day," notes Greg. "I don't even walk 12,000 yards a year."

"When I told my swimming coach I played guitar, he said, 'That needs to be a hobby,'" says Christina. "It can't be a hobby! I'd rather music be the primary thing." To prove her point, she refers to five-time Olympic gold medalist Jenny Thompson. "She's never been married. She's 30 now and she doesn't have a boyfriend! She's committed her whole life to swimming. I'm not doing it for the sport. I'm doing it for college."

If her dad has his way, Christina will become a lawyer instead of a full-time musician. "I don't know how musicians do this and try to make a living. It's hard to get a booker to call you back -- and I know these guys," Greg says. The Bubbles plan to record and carry on gigging through next summer, before Christina goes away to college and this will all just be something to reminisce about.

Rock kin: Jamming is a family pastime for Greg and Christina Riggins.
Jeff Newton
Rock kin: Jamming is a family pastime for Greg and Christina Riggins.


Scheduled to perform on Saturday, November 27. Showtime is 9 p.m.
Mason Jar

But one thing they will never reminisce about is the Technicolor Bubbles playing at the Emerald Lounge. "That's kind of cheesy, playing at your own club," says Greg. "There's something a little too Branson, Missouri, about that."

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