Letters from the week of November 18, 2004

 The Mex Files

A documented fact: Good story by Robert Nelson on so-called illegal immigration! Very balanced and truthful ("Alien Nation," November 4).Why don't Americans -- who don't want to do manual labor anymore -- get it? This country would go under, particularly the southwestern part of it, without undocumented workers.

I thought it was a good point that not enough construction workers are being trained in this country, making Mexican labor all the more necessary. Why can't we just come to terms with this and stop all the racist bullshit? Because that's what it's all about. A lot of white Arizonans -- the same ones who rabidly voted for George W. Bush -- hate Mexicans.

I mean, come on . . . the New Times story quotes none other than the president and CEO of the Arizona Contractors Association on whether the state could survive economically without illegals in the work force. Again, here's what he said: "I'd venture to say the state would collapse."

So why don't all you racist morons just shut up!? What you are pushing for just plain doesn't make sense! But it didn't make sense either that rednecks who are going to get screwed economically by the Bush administration would vote to put the president back in office. Yet all these gay-hating, abortion-hating, minority-hating fools voted against their wallets and reelected a president who's going to dismantle the Social Security system and put them on the streets with tin cups in their hands when they get too old to work.

What an idiot-ass world we live in, especially in a super-red state like Arizona! To all you Mexicans who are coming over the border: Welcome to Jesusland!
Richard Jasper, via the Internet

Raza relations: "Alien Nation" was one of the more balanced articles I've read on the immigration problem. There were, however, aspects that weren't addressed. The organized, if not militant, groups such as La Raza, Meecha and LULAC shoot Mexicans in the foot from a public relations standpoint.

Hispanics calling themselves La Raza (which means The Race) is equivalent to white people calling themselves "Supreme Whites." But Mexicans can get away with it in a multicultural environment gone mad.

La Raza's founder has made numerous statements relating to the recapture of Mexican territory (reconquista) "without firing a shot" and through demographic warfare. He says there's nothing anybody can do about it, and "we're taking America one block at a time." That motivates most people with a brain to want to grab their guns, which is likely the scenario in the not too distant future.

Another subject not covered was the Mexico "makeover" of our inner city. Main thoroughfares increasingly resemble Nogales, with more taco shops than Starbuckses. If I wanted to see this crap, I would move to Mexico.

The absolute worst tragedy in all of this is the takeover/loss of our neighborhoods; the victims are legal residents trapped in them. What could be better for homebuilders than the continuous flow of Third World squalor into established neighborhoods, forcing out long-term residents and creating a new housing boom?

When an invaded neighborhood becomes riddled with graffiti, stolen cars, gunfire, burglaries, home invasions, Mex tunes blasting from every lowrider, discarded diapers, urine stains and steaming piles of immigrant dung, it's pretty much unlivable.

Of course, all of this is part of the master plan perpetrated by the treasonous John McCain and his butt buddies at the Arizona Chamber of Commerce. Arizona's congressional delegation and Jack Napolitano should all be hung in Patriots Square. We could serve tortas.
Greg Farley, Phoenix

Footing the bill: Okay, so the sky is going to fall if we deport illegal aliens! So we had better let them keep cleaning our hotel rooms, picking our lettuce, mowing our lawns.

But will someone please publish [Proposition 200 opponent and longtime Arizona politician] Alfredo Gutierrez's home address and bank account number so every time these lawbreakers use emergency medical services or hospital services, we can send Mr. Gutierrez the bill?!

Also, when they come across the border to give birth just to have American-born children -- whom they can't afford -- we can send them to Mr. Gutierrez's house so he can feed them and provide for them.

Oh, and one thing I've always wondered . . . why is it that these people risk their lives and break our laws to live and work in the United States and then are always waving the Mexican flag around or have it plastered all over their cars and homes? If it's such a great country, why did they leave it? Somebody please explain that to me.
Name withheld by request

Labor pains: Regarding "Alien Nation," will there be a period of adjustment when illegal immigration is halted? Sure. Employers will be forced to pay a living wage for construction, store clerks, service and assembly work, auto repair and farm labor. Americans did all of these jobs before the last two decades of massive illegal immigration.

The first money I ever earned was picking grapes in the Napa Valley. In my teens, all my friends worked in flower, bean, and tomato fields around Encinitas, California. We also cleaned horse corrals, did housework, tended babies and did night janitor work.

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