Letters from the week of November 18, 2004

In short, blue-collar Americans [with Proposition 200] could flourish and return to middle-class wages that were once the norm. Let Mexican citizens stay home and force the untaxed wealthy elites in their country to quit raping that nation's resources.
Barbara Vickroy, Escondido, California

Sociology lesson: Thank you for the research behind the issues underlying the current debate about what many people call "illegal immigration." There are two points which the article did not address:

First, the Arizona experience is not an isolated one. Many sociologists believe that the Arizona experience is only a small part of worldwide movement of groups of peasant peoples. Some sociologists believe that the Arizona experience is simply part of the largest movement of peasant peoples in the history of humanity. Second, the article does not address the "push" factors in Mexico -- one of which is created by our own government. In spring 2003, Congress passed one of the largest farm-subsidy bills in history. A portion of this subsidy is for corn farmers in the Midwest. As a result, it is now cheaper for a corn tortilla manufacturer in Mexico City to purchase Iowa corn than corn from farmers in the villages in her own country.

Because of NAFTA, the Mexican government is forbidden to put tariffs on U.S. corn, and the Mexican farmer and his laborers are being put out of business. Our policies are creating ghost towns in Mexico, and the former residents of those villages are now nailing two-by-fours in all that new construction we see around us.
Ron Friesen, Phoenix

Right Wingers

A religious mandate: John Dougherty's ranting points out that liberals just can't stand it to think that more than half of the country doesn't buy into their Hollywood elitist crap ("Dangerous Dance," November 11).

I'd much rather have God involved in our country -- especially being that our founding fathers used God to form the country's foundation -- than liberals who only look at the world with a what's-best-for-ME attitude.

And, yes, by receiving [a majority] of the popular vote, Bush was given a mandate!

Dougherty's support of [John Kerry], a war criminal who's anti-American and anti-military, pretty much says everything about him. Get a life!
Name withheld by request

Bushwhacked: John Dougherty's column reaches a pitch of hysteria not seen since Chicken Little declared "The Sky Is Falling!"

The writer asserts that America is already well on its way to becoming a repressive theocracy based on the fact that . . . Utah voted for Bush?! Huh? Need further evidence?

Dougherty tracked down a radical Christian pro-life group that admits (gasp!) that they want pro-life judges appointed to the Supreme Court. What exactly this has to do with W is anyone's guess.

Dougherty suggests that Democrats should have "hammered on Dubya's cowardly avoidance of the Vietnam War." I don't know which coffee house he's been playing hacky-sack in for the past year and a half, but you couldn't turn on a television or pick up a newspaper without being reminded that the president did not serve in Vietnam and John Kerry did. Kerry himself could not seem to utter a sentence on any topic without reminding us of his veteran's status.

But let's get real here. Liberals traditionally have never valued military service, and certainly not war medals. It was not until the Democrats wound up with a candidate who happened to have served in Vietnam, and worse, had medals to prove it, that they suddenly started celebrating those who went to war instead of those who protested it. Unfortunately for the liberals, and despite their best efforts, the majority of voters failed to perceive Vietnam as an important issue in an election occurring 30 years after that war had ended.

Dougherty then goes on to describe the 9/11 attacks as more akin to a crime than an act of war. The idiocy of this statement should be self-evident.

Hysterics aside, there are some things we should all be concerned about with George W. Bush's second term: his environmental policies, which have encouraged global warming and likely triggered this unprecedented rash of hurricanes; his desire to "overhaul" Social Security by stealing the savings of the middle class and funneling it to the wealthy; and his secret plan to reinstate the draft in order to steal oil from the Middle East and give it to Halliburton. I know all this is true because I heard it from Turkey Lurkey.
Bill Smith, Phoenix

Stuck Pig

Bursting your onion: Wow! The follow-up story ("Punk You!" Stephen Lemons, November 11) is almost as stunningly unfunny -- and poorly written -- as the original ("Forever Yours," Esteban Sauer, October 28). Hate to burst your self-congratulatory bubble, but The Onion and Orson Welles you most certainly ain't.
Adam Pockriss, ABC News Media Relations

Editor's note: ABC News' Primetime Live with Diane Sawyer called after New Times' Preserve A Life spoof appeared to explore doing a segment on the, um, groundbreaking new "humidermy" firm we profiled. When she found out the story was a Halloween hoax, a humorless producer for the show was angry and defensive about getting punked -- which resulted in a flurry of e-mails from network flack Pockriss.

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