Arrest the Polyg Prophet Now!

What are authorities waiting for? Pedophile Warren Jeffs has looted school coffers and is on the run

There are a number of other indications that Jeffs has fled, leaving behind a financial and social mess along the Arizona-Utah border. Goddard says he is increasingly concerned that Arizona may suddenly have a massive social disaster as Jeffs leaves behind thousands of lesser FLDS members without jobs and support.

The community's only financial institution, the Bank of Ephraim, failed last summer, costing taxpayers more than $13 million. Law enforcement sources say FLDS members defaulted on more than $1 million in personal loans.

The FLDS, which has steadily accumulated vast real estate holdings in the beautifully desolate ranch land around Colorado City, is now offering to sell thousands of undeveloped acres. A Web site offering the property states the sellers "will accept any reasonable offer."

But just because Jeffs appears to have left the area doesn't mean he doesn't retain control over the people. Nearly all of the developed property in Colorado City and Hildale is controlled by a trust called the United Effort Plan. And Jeffs has complete control over the trust.

The only way to break up the trust and end Jeffs' grip on the community, Shurtleff says, is to prove the trust is, or has been, engaged in criminal activity.

And it increasingly appears the only way to crack the trust is to put Warren Jeffs and his top associates, including school superintendent Alvin Barlow, behind bars.

The time for law enforcement in Arizona and Utah to act has long passed.

Issue an arrest warrant for Warren Jeffs now!

E-mail, or call 602-229-8445.

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