Letters from the week of November 25, 2004

Attention to detail: I have to admit I had no idea whether the article about Preserve A Life was real or not, but it sure was funny! I don't think I've read something as funny since years ago when I read a story in National Lampoon titled "Vacation 58."

The attention to detail in your story was perfect: Grandma outside under the tarp, little Marvin getting hit with a pitch, the guy who had his girlfriend's breasts enlarged. Kudos!
Craig Martin, Glendale

All the news that's fit to invent: These days it is a struggle to get the real news, with Fox and the sources readily available. I looked forward to John Dougherty's columns and was surprised when Sheriff Joe was reelected after the information Dougherty made available to the public. Now I know it's because no one takes your paper seriously.

When I want a laugh, I read The Onion, knowing that what I read is untrue. I don't appreciate being "punked."
Gail Martelli, Tempe

Seeing Red (States)

The man upstairs: John Dougherty sure is right when he says the religious right's taking over America ("Dangerous Dance," November 11.)! How could people who will suffer economically under Republicans vote for George W. Bush? I'll tell you how! 'Cause they believe Bush talks to God. Slightly more than half of the voters in this country are a bunch of lamebrains!

During the campaign, John Kerry would quote credible news stories based on facts negative to Bush, and Bush would quote God. He would say that the Almighty told him to do all the stupid and barbaric things he's doing in Iraq. Who can argue when it's God who's telling him what to do?

And the Joe Six-packs out there, who populate red states like ours (along with right-wing Mormons), of course believed him. Because they all know that God hates gays (blasphemies!), minorities (you've seen those pictures of Jesus -- he's white and blue-eyed!) and abortion. The Theocratic States of America, indeed!
Jenna Miller, Tucson

The nuts are in charge: What the hell is going on in Maricopa County that permits an elected official [like Sheriff Joe Arpaio] access to the ballots in any -- I repeat any -- way, shape or form?

As John Dougherty's "Dangerous Dance" column illustrates, the nuts are in charge of the asylum, and no one is doing a damn thing about it! Where the hell is massive media attention on this one?
Todd Weed, Phoenix

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naoma foreman
naoma foreman

Can anyone tell me how the case is going of the man who "honor killed" his daughter? (with his car, because she was becoming too "western.">???

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