Sex and the City

For Stuart Char, life is an all-nude cabaret.

NT: Can they actually prevent you from opening?

Char: They can't prevent us from opening based on any ordinance. What they can do is put up hurdles and make it difficult.

NT: What sort of entertainment will you have? Naked girls dancing in cages? Go-go boots? Lots of fringe?

Mr. Char wants to see a stripped downtown.
Emily Piraino
Mr. Char wants to see a stripped downtown.

Char: Your basic strip-club stuff: table dancing, stage shows. Well, eventually we'll have a stage show. You have to have a separate permit to have a stage. It's a piece of furniture, and you need a license for it.

NT: Go figure. Hey, if the big guys try to keep you from opening, you could have naked women stage a protest outside.

Char: Hopefully, we won't need to. You know, when Mayor Phil Gordon was elected, we really thought he would be for us -- he's a liberal.

NT: He's a Democrat.

Char: Well, he knows we're protected by the First Amendment. And we saw him on the news, and he was saying he's against us opening. I guess if we see him down [at the club], we'll know he changed his mind.

NT: It's not just Phil. A lot of local celebrities are speaking out against your club.

Char: I know. Dan Majerle owns the bar and grill next door . . . and his manager, AJ Sulka, was on NewsChannel 3 the other day with Mike Watkiss, and he came out publicly in opposition to us opening at this location.

NT: Maybe the guys at the Downtown Phoenix Partnership are all homos and don't like naked girls.

Char: If so, they could go to Dick's.

NT: Excuse me?

Char: There's a place on Van Buren called Dick's Cabaret. All-nude male dancers. They could go there.

NT: Okay. So, when do you open?

Char: Sometime after the first of the year. We'll send you an invite to the VIP opening.

NT: I can hardly wait.


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