Letters from the week of December 2, 2004

Let's be clear: I really don't care who anyone supports in an election. And a picture of a breast or pierced genitals doesn't shock or offend me in the slightest.

I'll come to the point: While the use of flowery language regarding the First Amendment might be tempting to use as a hook to interest people, these are not free-speech issues at all.

The girls in the dorm are renting space so they can live there. They have been told that they must follow the rules of the owner.

ASU owns the State Press. The State Press claims it is independent. However, it's on campus and takes money and resources from the university to produce the paper. It has been told it must follow the rules of the owner.

The First Amendment doesn't give you the right to do or say as you please on someone else's property. It does not even apply.

This means that I can tell you that you cannot, for instance, smoke cigars in my house. Smoking a cigar is a legal right you have, but if I don't want it done in my house, your rights to do that are not even an issue.

Free speech? If I don't want you saying obscene words, or insulting someone, or discussing an issue in my house, you will comply or you will leave. Those are my rights.

As an ASU student and a taxpayer in Arizona, I ask the leadership of ASU to spend not one more minute arguing free-speech issues with those who do not understand the concept.
Kyle Sutherland, ASU criminal justice major

Editor's note: Arizona taxpayers own ASU, not Michael Crow. ASU contributes to the State Press' budget because it is a learning tool of journalism students, but it doesn't own the newspaper. Also, the First Amendment protects freedom of speech and of the press, whether or not landlords agree with what is said or written.

Speak and write responsibly: Love and truth are greater and more important than First Amendment rights.

On 9/11, thousands were killed in our nation by terrorists. Today thousands fight a battle in Iraq led by hate-filled propaganda and outright lies. Words lead to actions. The pen is mightier than the sword. Let's not be so naive and foolish as to believe otherwise.

How about being responsible for the things we say and write? Yes, even college students can and should be responsible.

Encouraged by lies and hatred, four LDS chapels have been set on fire causing millions of dollars in damage in the last year. These are called hate crimes.

In siding between the principles of free speech and those of love, truth and respect, choose love. Always choose love.

A wise lady once told me, "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all."
Andrew Matishen, American Fork, Utah

Both sides of the story: Journalism has really taken a fall over the past few years in this country. It seems like we are busy giving accolades to mediocre news reporting. We are less concerned about studying both sides of the story. The "Quid Pro Crow" article was right in line with propaganda from the likes of Michael Moore and Adolf Hitler.

If you had wanted to present a good argument, you might have tried looking at both sides instead of just being blown by the winds of popularity and social ignorance. Your newspaper is nothing but gutter trash.
Jason Reed, via the Internet

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