Letters from the week of December 9, 2004

It took courage to open up like Amy Silverman did in sharing her story and that of the Huffs. I can understand why Amy indicates that she and Paul Rubin make fun of journalists who share their lives in print; I imagine that it is difficult to consider yourself a hard news journalist without engaging in this practice. However, in this case, it made the piece unforgettable.
Drew Grgich, Gilbert

The way it was supposed to be: Your article gave me a small picture of what my cousin and his wife go through on a daily basis.

I had one moment much like that of your best friend, only I said to the both of them, "I am happy for you." This was after their Down syndrome child was diagnosed. I had just thought that they could do well, and that somehow it was the way it was supposed to be. Your story opened a great picture show about the beautiful little girl in my family.
Trevor Gummere, St. Clairsville, Ohio

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