Gone But Not Forgotten

Years after a hideous double murder, life goes on for surviving family members

Then, last year, the Balsz District renamed Ginger's old school "Brunson-Lee Elementary School," after Ginger Lee and Mike Brunson. Brunson taught P.E. at Crockett School for more than 20 years.

Inside the school sits the Ginger Lee Media Center, filled with books and other media purchased with a family endowment and other resources.

"It's a perfect tribute to my sister," Vic Lee says. "She was so into reading and math, and she loved seeing her kids improve their skills so they'd have a chance at making it out there. She never got married, and her students were like her own children, year after year after year."

Beloved teacher Ginger Lee and her father John were murdered in 1991.
courtesy of the Lee family
Beloved teacher Ginger Lee and her father John were murdered in 1991.

Because of a miscommunication, the prosecutor in the David Hyde case didn't immediately ask the judge during the recent court hearings to order financial restitution to the Lee family.

But on October 14, Judge Greg Martin ordered David Hyde to pay $20,313 in restitution to the Lees, at the minimum rate of $25 per month.

Vic Lee isn't counting on Hyde to come through.

"But if he does come through," Lee says, "every cent we get from that guy is going to Ginger's media center, to those books that she loved so much."

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