Letters from the week of January 13, 2005

I looked back, and these comments were definitely in the article, but they were overwhelmed by your reviewer's bashing the food. When I think of it now, the comments in the ad aren't even glowing. In addition, Lemons didn't even like the theme of the place as much as I did. He said it was the worst kind of tourist trap.

Guys, walk down the hallway at New Times and talk to each other; that way, maybe you can spell your own guy's name right, at least.
David R. D'Antoni, via the Internet

Taken out of context: I'm a little pissed off right now. First, I see a full-page ad about this Scottsdale pasta place Bada Boom with what seems to be encouraging words from your food critic. Then I notice in an earlier review online that [cafe critic Stephen Lemons] had reamed the place a new a-hole. The words the Bada Boom ad quoted were the only ones where Lemons wasn't insulting the restaurant.

What gives? Are you intentionally trying to confuse readers? I can see where the owner of Bada Boom would want to take Lemons' words out of context in a full-page ad hoping that everyone who hadn't read the original review (like me) would think [Bada Boom's] the cat's pajamas. But why would New Times run such an ad? I don't know what a full-page ad costs, but wouldn't the money be better spent improving the food at the place?
Kenny Miller, Phoenix

Couldn't Care Less

We're very concerned . . . about certain things: Great piece on Joe Arpaio, but I'd like to add my two cents. Trying to gain points with readers by beating up Joe over how prisoners are treated in the jails is a losing proposition ("The Devil's in the Details," John Dougherty, December 23).

Most Arizonans love the idea of keeping criminals in jail (whether they're convicted or not).

In future articles, I would skip writing about the unfortunate souls in overcrowded tents. It's unfortunate they are there awaiting trial, but most of us don't care.

We do, however, care about Joe's real estate holdings. We care about his moral problems. We care about his inability to attract detention officers. We just don't really care if someone is sweating or missing a meal or two while in jail -- or what Amnesty International has to say.
Bob Hisserich, Mesa

Animal Cruelty

Common sense: In response to a letter to the editor from Carol Kelley of Surprise ("In the Doghouse," December 23), there is a valid reason animal control wants to know if you live in an apartment and if your complex will allow pets.

The reason is, many animals are returned to the pound or dumped on the street when people realize they cannot have pets in their apartment.

For you to not pay a pet deposit when you indeed have a pet is probably violating your lease agreement. A property owner may let you remedy the situation by paying the deposit and additional fees, but some landlords may take steps to evict you.

Before you write to New Times or, for that matter, adopt a pet, do a little research and use some common sense.
Amy Brown, Phoenix

A Lot of (Red) Bull

Stick tease: It's outrageous that New Times put a bisexual's quest for sex on the front of the magazine [in a cover tease]. And to call the intended victim of this sexual predator a "stick man" both in the Inferno story and on the front makes the situation worse ("Red Bull Run," Stephen Lemons, January 6). Have some decency!
Molly Thornton, Sun City

Red Bull and exercise don't mix: In the Inferno article titled "Red Bull Run," the writer refers to drinking Red Bull and alcohol as "a little like smokin' trees sprinkled with nose candy." However, following the death of an Irish student who had drunk three cans of Red Bull before strenuous exercise, as well as the deaths of three people in Sweden who drank it combined with alcohol and/or exercise in 2001, the product has come under scrutiny.

A report from the Irish Food Safety Protection Board was commissioned following a recommendation from an inquest jury after the death of the 18-year-old Limerick student who had drunk three cans of Red Bull before a basketball tournament. The inquest jury found no evidence that Red Bull was responsible for his death, but the board advised that stimulant drinks should carry a warning label that they should not be consumed with alcohol.
Jim Peirce, Carefree

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