Welcome to Thomasville!

Some surprising demotions, and a Republican babe at the new County Attorney's Office

Alexander's presence also is a clear signal that the County Attorney's Office no longer will do battle with controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio over what Romley staffers often viewed as legally impermissible excesses.

In March 2002, Alexander and co-author Michael Lockwood published an essay titled "What's Really Happening in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Jail." The piece concluded that Arpaio is a shining example of law enforcement at its very best.

"Accusations that Arpaio is a publicity hound are misplaced," the pair wrote in part. "Arpaio generates publicity because he implements innovative programs that save taxpayers money and deter criminal behavior. If he was a passive sheriff who simply coddled inmates and gave them their cable television and pornography, so there weren't any complaints, he wouldn't make news . . .

"The media's accusations that he seeks out publicity are ironic, considering it is the media who is always calling Arpaio, not the other way around."

Last week was a memorable one for Alexander.

Besides winning her new job, the Web site jerseyGOP.com named the young attorney as its "Republican BABE of the Week!" Previous winners have included Alexander's kindred political spirits Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham, actresses Bo Derek and Shannen Doherty, and model Kim Alexis.

An accompanying blurb says "Rachel's strength lies in her unique style of investigative writing -- she has a knack for discovering new angles on issues and uncovering deception by the Left as a result of doing her own background work."

Welcome to Thomasville!

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