Fetal Distraction

The guy calls himself I Hate You When You're Pregnant. And then things get weird

"If I keep the same energy about things, and not get too offensive -- but maybe just a little -- you keep it fun and people usually realize I don't mean any harm," he says. "If they do, it's something we can talk over after the show."

Modified promoter Leslie Barton says she's never received any complaints. "If you're easily offended, don't show up," Barton says. "Would Phil be doing the same if he was female? Hopefully. He's just a big, goofy guy with a heart of gold, and people recognize his act for what it is. Music's music."

Buckman admits he "gets off" from IHYWYP's shock value, but says he's saving the more controversial stuff for Black Wax All-Stars, his comedy rap group with buddy Corey Dieckman. There's still plenty of "the usual comical nonsense and stupid bullshit," Buckman says, on his fifth IHYWYP demo, which is currently being completed and promises "to be a little different." He's also currently in talks with L.A.'s Doggpony Records about cutting an actual album.

I Hate You When You're Pregnant: Giving a new meaning to "cock rock."
Anthony Pidgeon
I Hate You When You're Pregnant: Giving a new meaning to "cock rock."


Scheduled to perform with the Polysics, the Necronauts, Peachcake, and more on Saturday, February 12.
Old Brickhouse

Despite all his infamy, Buckman plans on keeping things as minimalist as always and doesn't hope for any MTV-style success. Frankly, he'd rather remain a novelty act.

"When it goes any farther than that, that's when it gets too serious, too pretentious," he says. "I should make a rider up, but just make it bullshit, like just asking for a peanut butter sandwich."

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