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New video games and DVDs will keep you glued to the screen

Actually, I was going to use the following space to write about a newly released G.G. Allin disc I just got, but I have a better idea. Why don't some of you guys and gals here in Phoenix send me your CDs, demos, DVDs, naked photos or whatever? I'd really love to review local stuff here, a hell of a lot more than the national stuff. This town has a great music scene, and a great art scene, and I feel it's going to be the next Seattle without the tree huggers. Let 'em try to cuddle with a cactus!

Anyway, write me here at George Tabb, Phoenix New Times, P.O. Box 2510, Phoenix, AZ 85002.

Let's make this part of the paper a part of all of us.

Unless, of course, you'd rather just have me plug and review my own stuff.

Punk Rock and stay furious.

Next week: A Dead Boys reunion tour? A Johnny Ramone statue in Hollywood? Plus, hopefully, your stuff!

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