Detour for Dummies

A user's guide

The alt-culture crowd should visit locations like Stay Gold or the tables outside Modified for a low-cost lineup of clothing, hand-painted curios, and other items. Bookworms might prefer the tomes available at the Poisoned Pen Bookstore (inside Bentley Projects) and the raunchier reads at Perihelion Arts (both stores also offer inexpensive prints and other art as well). Those with more upscale tastes should visit Cindy Dach and Greg Esser's new shop MADE, which will offer artfully handmade objects like scarves, glassware and handbags.

The savvy Art Detourist
Mike Maas
The savvy Art Detourist

But whether you've come to beef up your private collection or just to see all the pretty pictures, it's just like poet and rocker Henry Rollins once declared: "You Want Some Art? Come And Get It."

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