Thievery Corporation

The Cosmic Game
(ESL Music)

The Cosmic Game, as played by Thievery Corporation
The Cosmic Game, as played by Thievery Corporation
With its previous albums, Thievery Corporation's adoration for the cocktail lounge could wear thin. But The Cosmic Game embraces a broader song-based collection, buoyed by outside vocalists both familiar and exotic. And Rob Garza and Eric Hilton make the most of their A-list guests. "Marching the Hate Machines (Into the Sun)" provides the Flaming Lips with a psychedelic groove worthy of the band's recent outings. Perry Farrell's shamanistic silliness works to fine effect on the ghostly "Revolution Solution," while the beguiling Third World rhythms of "The Heart's a Lonely Hunter" allow David Byrne to sound sprightly for once. But a relative unknown steals the show; Lou Lou's midnight cool elevates the heartbreakingly sweet "The Time We Lost Our Way," as the DJs' love reverie beautifully meshes with her cooing voice and a far-off mournful horn. The Cosmic Game stumbles when the guys flirt with hip-hop, but elsewhere, they chill out with the best of 'em.
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