Letters from the week of March 17, 2005

Nobody from the old punk days seems to know who this James Strate is. One thing we all know for sure is he was never in this band.

The Very Idea of Fucking Hitler name comes from a porno book; Charlie Monoxide came up with the name. We headlined shows like "Rock Against Reagan," played on the same bill with such diverse bands as the Sun City Girls, the Meat Puppets and Soylent Green. We also played with Bad Brains at their first show ever in Phoenix at the Salty Dog.

There are so many great facts about Phoenix's punk scene that one need not make things up. Things really did happen, people still do exist. Don't rely on some random guy at a bar for factual information. Just do the research. You might be surprised at what, or who, you'll find.
Ron Reckless, Phoenix

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