Titillating Pixels

Tabb gets an eyeful of foxy video-game characters

Finally, this week, I got a mix CD from someone named Ruth who also included a get-well card. Thank you, Ruth. And thanks to everyone else who wishes me well in this stupid and long recovery.

Which reminds me, if you have a band with a demo or CD, please send it to me in care of this paper so I can plug it. I'm beggin' you guys -- get your names out there and make Phoenix the best place for new music since Seattle. Without the rain, of course.

And to Steve Burch of Eloy, Arizona, I didn't include David Niven in the roster of actors to portray James Bond because Casino Royale was not produced by the team of Saltzman and Broccoli. Casino Royale's film rights were purchased before any other Bond story's were, and if you are going to mention Mr. Niven, they you've got to plug Woody Allen as Jimmy (James Bond) as well. All in all, a great and funny movie, and thanks for reminding me of that, and of just how terrible Never Say Never, Sean Connery's Thunderball remake, was. It's either official, with the real Bond music and all, or it ain't.

Thanks, Steve.

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