Letters from the week of March 24-30, 2005


Perversion, plus a buffet!: My wife and I have wintered in the Valley for many years, and we often read New Times for the informative articles. But this past week, I was shocked and appalled to discover that you sent one of your writers to one of those seedy sex clubs that thrive like roof rats, despite the efforts of decent persons to stamp them out ("Sex Club Shenanigans," Inferno, Stephen Lemons, March 10).

The people who go to these places go there for quick sex, I imagine, but why can't they just rent a hotel room and exchange diseases behind closed doors? It's this constant need they seem to have to flaunt their wares -- which disgusts me.

And then we learn that the place has a buffet. Holy moly!

Isn't there some sort of health department in Maricopa County? How can it allow food to be served in the same place people are rolling around in the buff? Yuck!

But what really irks me is that you waste ink on a place like this. Tell me, if I build a cesspool and invite all my friends to swim in it naked, will you cover this, too?
J. Jimmy Taylor, Phoenix

Guide to hanky-panky: Thank God! My husband and I are swingers, and we are brand-new to the Phoenix area. So . . . it was great to pick up Inferno and find out where to go to find like-minded people. We had always heard that Phoenix was the swinger capital of the country and that there are a boat-load of sex clubs, but we had no idea where to go. We don't like to be too conspicuous about personal things in our workaday lives, and we don't go to Internet sites where Big Brother can find out about our proclivities.

From the looks of the photos you published, there are some hot swingers in this town. We moved here from Pittsburgh, and the choices there for swinging partners were, well, the pits. I'm a hot 27-year-old, and my husband's a hot 37, and we almost gave up the lifestyle in Pittsburgh. Once you've done it with fat, hairy old guys dozens of times, you begin to think there's got to be more to life.

I think we're going to like it here in the Phoenix area. Thanks for the informative article. Please use only my maiden name with this letter because I don't want to be burned at the stake here in suburbia.
Monica Bell, Ahwatukee

Swingers are people, too: Here's what I'm curious about: Why is it that so-called journalists are so condescending any time they write about consenting adults having [public] sex with other consenting adults in a club established for that very purpose?

Your Inferno [character], Kreme, is so taken aback when -- at a sex club -- he and the bisexual Jett are asked politely if they want to partake in the goings-on. What does he expect? Duh! He's in a sex club! It would seem that, as journalists, he and his sidekick would join in to be able to tell readers fully about the experience.

What I object to is the tone of such articles. They assume that we people who enjoy flaunting sex with multiple partners in a nightclub are somehow perverted losers. Why isn't the alternative-lifestyles movement treated with the same respect as other movements for basic rights? We may be the last great minority group.
Jennifer Teal, via the Internet

Hell's for real, ya know!: The Inferno column is properly named. I've been a sometimes reader of New Times for years, and I've noticed a downward trend. First, you slander Catholics like myself with that story on Monsignor Dale Fushek ("Cross to Bare," Robert Nelson, February 24), which was accompanied by that horrible cover of the priest exposing himself, and now you run a long article on sex clubs in the city, acting as if they are just fine.

Stephen Lemons, Robert Nelson and the rest of you at New Times should be worried about where your souls will reside once you leave this sordid planet. Hell is not just a fictional place, you know! I am not the only one who's sick of the perversity.
Martha Riles, via the Internet

The devil made us do it: What you write about the sex clubs in this godless city is so disgusting that I may never pick up New Times again. Please stop with your perverted articles in Inferno. The week before the sex clubs story, you ran something about a place called Sadisco. With it you published a picture of a woman exposing her breasts ("Low-Rent Libertines," March 3). The very name of the place says it all!

The sexual perversion and sadism you wrote about only prove that Satan is hard at work in the world.
Name withheld by request

Boondocks boinking's okay: Kreme brings up an interesting point in Inferno. And that is, why does anybody care whether these sex clubs operate?! I'm not saying that I'm a denizen of these places, but if I wanted to be, I should have the right.

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