Letters from the week of April 28, 2005

Jerk this: Come on, if you guys want to write a tear-jerker, why not write about the thousands of people deported for criminal offenses who spent their whole lives in the United States? Those who were brought here as infants, grew up in our system on an unlimited-duration green card, and when they got into trouble -- like American citizens often do -- got automatically deported.

Prior to Republican changes to immigration law in '96, such cases were often waived by immigration judges as a matter of fairness. Since then, thousands have been deported to countries they've never known, where languages are spoken that they don't understand.

And this is just because Republicans can't differentiate between adults who come here and commit crimes within a short period of time and those who came as infants and lived their whole lives here without any requirement that they become citizens.
Mark Fuller, Tempe

Showcase Kudos

The best bash: I really enjoyed your "Music Showcase" edition (April 14). What a rundown of music you had in there! And kudos on the Music Showcase event in Tempe. I had a hell of a time, and I think it was the best New Times music bash ever! Good job to you guys at my favorite newspaper.

And tell John Dougherty to keep up the great work on that goon Joe Arpaio. Someday our sheriff will get what he deserves, and that's kicked out of office to rot in a nursing home in Sun City.
Garland Thompson, Tempe

Too much information: What a party you guys threw in Tempe! It was a terrific venue and contained some great acts this year. I love The Samples, and my girlfriend is a big Pokafase fan (I'm old and white, and she's young, hot and not).

We were able to hit both ends of the music spectrum at the same event. We went home stoned and satisfied; we made great love afterward.
Jim Westerfield, Tempe

U2 Can Be a Critic

Stating the obvious: I'm sorry. I must have made a mistake. Whenever I pick up New Times, I expect there to be news inside. The fact that U2 is made up of a bunch of egocentric sellouts -- not to mention pathetic losers -- is nothing new ("World Leaders Pretend," Joe Watson, April 14).

The throngs of worshipers in line for U2's shows makes me sick. These people are all hopeless. Their lives could mean something, but they have wasted them. It's sad.
Mene Tekel, Phoenix

Walking the walk: I have also been a longtime fan of U2. However, unlike Joe Watson, my opinion of U2 has only gotten better. Personally, I'll take my favorite rock stars who put their money where their mouth is. It is so hypocritical for New Times to all of a sudden criticize U2 for postulating.

I admire Bono for walking the walk, unlike most. I find it refreshing that Bono uses his influence to attempt to bring positive change, instead of using it to fuck as many women as he can get his hands on.
Catherine Peterson, via the Internet

Better with age: Who lets Joe Watson saddle up a computer keyboard and ride into the sunset of stupidity?! His slam on Bono and the great U2 will go down in New Times history as the stupidest music review ever. And there have been some really fucking stupid ones -- just read Brendan Joel Kelley from week to week!

Let me get this straight . . . Watson is mad at U2 because Bono is socially responsible. What, he's supposed to be the typical drug-crazed rock star degenerate? And his point that U2's music is "socially immature" is utter bullshit. The band, if anything, has gotten better over the years. Watson's a dumb motherfucker!
Don Rose, via the Internet

On the Edge of mediocrity: Joe Watson put it best when he said, "Sadly, the jig is up" regarding U2. Like him, I was a big fan of the band until the last few years. I sincerely hope they don't continue to make fools of themselves like the Stones are doing.

I thought Bono's fat ass was going to bust out of his pants at the Glendale Arena show. Give it up, boys, you ain't what you used to be!
Stratton Richards, via the Internet

Pacific Rimmed

If you knew sushi . . . : This is in response to Stephen Lemons' article about Sakana Sushi & Grill ("So-So Sushi," Cafe, April 14). I have been a customer of Sakana since it came into existence. First, I don't know how delicate an eater Mr. Lemons is, but as a delicate sushi eater myself, Sakana's sushi is some of the best around town.

The owner, Nobu Sawai, is particularly concerned about the freshness of the fish. After reading the article, I've come to think that Mr. Lemons' opinion about Sakana could have been biased by an unpleasant personal experience there. I also would like to stress that if people who have dined at Sakana were surveyed, the majority would agree that the food and its service are topnotch.
Inkwon Lee, Scottsdale

No accounting for taste: Somebody must have gotten your restaurant reviewer Stephen Lemons' panties in a bunch! First he destroys the Armadillo Grill in Phoenix ("Road Kill Rules," Cafe, March 31), then he plunders Sakana Sushi & Grill in Scottsdale. Has he got something against grills, for barbecue's sake?!

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