Letters from the week of April 28, 2005

I'm kidding. I love Lemons' style. I also loved the sanctimonious assholes who wrote in to blast him for his review of the Armadillo (Letters, April 14). It goes to show you how little taste people have in this town.

Now, I've tried Sakana, and I didn't have the same bad experience as Mr. Lemons, but I've got to say there are many better sushi places in the Phoenix area. Sushi on Shea, for instance.

What I enjoy about Lemons' stuff is the wit. Even if I don't agree with him, I always get a smile, if not a belly laugh. Consider regarding the Armadillo: "You might need a stomach of armadillo hide to successfully digest some of AG's entrees." And: "The pasta had been cooked too long, and was flaccid and mushy. Maybe the chef thinks 'al dente' is where you go to get your teeth cleaned."

Keep it up. It takes a lot to make people laugh.
Al Rohan, Phoenix

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