Little Cat Feat

New fun for your pussy

NT: And how do you pay these cats for their services? Because if you're not paying them, you're just exploiting their talent for choosing the right TV show.

Rosen: They get their treats. They get toys. Whatever they want, I do what I can to get it for them. I mean, I'm not one of those people who's going to buy them a $3,000 diamond collar.

NT: Why, of course not!

Calling all cats: Cat Galaxy is on.
Emily Piraino
Calling all cats: Cat Galaxy is on.

Rosen: These cats like simple stuff. They've got a place to sleep, a TV to watch, a radio station to run.

NT: Okay. Are you for real?

Rosen: Oh, yeah. Very real. Channel 12 news was just here, and we proved it to them. And we're getting humans who are writing to say, "Our cats are right there at the computer when I turn it on." Cat people are kind of a special class of people who see cats as family members. You have cats. So when you go on vacation, do you find yourself thinking, "I really wish I could take my cats with me"?

NT: No. It never crosses my mind. They're cats. They're supposed to stay at home and sleep on the couch.

Rosen: Oh. Because I'm actually doing a radio talk show next week, and I wanted to bring one of the cats with me. But since my cats work [at the station] all week, they like to relax on the weekend. They like to have their weekends off. So they said "No."

NT: Maybe you can advise me. I've been having trouble with my 7-month-old kitten, who's been listening to a lot of Judas Priest and Metallica lately. I really don't want a headbanger cat . . .

Rosen: Why not? If it makes her happy, why would you want to take it away from her? Isis is an Ozzy Osbourne fan. George Benson, too -- she loves smooth jazz. And cats really love flamenco music. Icarus likes a little bit more of the harder stuff, like Jimmy Eat World. When it comes to radio for cats, you just have to open up your mind and listen.

NT: My other cat is interested in breaking into show business. Do you hire on-air talent here?

Rosen: If a cat wants to break into show business, don't do it because you want to get fame and fortune for yourself. If the cat enjoys it, yeah. I guess it's worth it. I didn't start this station to feed my own ego. It was to entertain cats.

NT: I gotta go now. If I stay away from home too long, the cats get depressed and won't speak to me for hours.

Rosen: Trust me. They're keeping themselves busy. You only think they're missing you. But what they're really doing is watching TV.

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