Letters from the issue of Thursday, June 16, 2005

Other options valued: Thank you for printing Paul Rubin's "Assisted Suicide" article. I have a family member with a mental illness who is a patient at ValueOptions.

I am so upset that ValueOptions hired Dr. Joe Franzetti after all of the problems he had while working in the Maricopa County prison system!

I am certain that the Arizona Republic would not have printed this article. I appreciate that New Times has helped me advocate for my loved one. Otherwise, I wouldn't have known that ValueOptions hired this physician.
Name withheld by request

A depressing situation: Reading your "Assisted Suicide" article made me get goose bumps. It brought back a flood of emotions. I have tears in my eyes as I write this. The story made me feel like I'm not the only one who has felt such depression.

I don't know what stopped me from committing suicide besides family coming to my aid. If they hadn't, I would be dead.

It's a sick world where being in county jail is so depressing and inhumane that suicide is the best option. Something has to give. As far as I'm concerned, Joe Arpaio is a murderer of people's will to live.
Name withheld by request

Government Action

Coming down hard: Congratulations to John Dougherty for all his tireless work toward bringing down the corrupt fundamentalist Mormon church in Colorado City. The state is literally using his work (including "Derail Polygamy's Money Train," April 7) as a blueprint in going after the corrupt officials of the school system up there.

What's amazing is how long it took Attorney General Terry Goddard to start trying to make a case against these thieves and rapists of young girls. And as Dougherty has written many times, where was Governor Janet Napolitano for all these years on this issue? At least she finally signed off on state police going up there and stopping the madness.

Janet wants another term as governor. Let's hope that she grows the pair of balls some of us voters always thought she had and comes down hard against the crackers in this state.
Jack Williamson, via the Internet

Taking care of corruption: John Dougherty should be commended for his good investigative reporting that finally helped get the ball rolling toward taking care of the corrupt situation in Colorado City.

Dougherty seems to be a fine reporter who doesn't get a lot of recognition for the stories he writes. God be with him in continuing this great mission! With more reporters like Dougherty, New Times would be way ahead!
Dar Cobb, Phoenix

Military Intelligence

Recruit this: I had no idea that such unethical, if not illegal, recruiting was going on in our schools until I read John Dougherty's column ("Uncle Sam Wants Them," June 2). I have begun to protest to my son and daughter's school, but the principal says there's nothing that can be done.

I'm told that in George W. Bush's America, we must let military recruiters run roughshod over our rights by trying to enlist our vulnerable children.

Thank God I read your column so I can warn my kids again not to talk to strangers -- this time ones in uniforms. Funny thing is, we moved from up north to Arizona to get away from predators on the streets of our city.
Meg Green, via the Internet

Ruffling feathers: I wholeheartedly agree with every point you made in "Uncle Sam Wants Them." No Child Left Behind is a bad piece of legislation overall, but the military access clause really stinks.

I was made aware of it several months ago and opted my teenage son out by writing a letter to the school district (the letter seems to have gotten lost in the district office, by the way). Thank you for bringing this nasty practice to the attention of your readers.

Too many of your colleagues are afraid to say anything that might ruffle the feathers of the neo-cons. These underhanded creeps posing as leaders and lawmakers need to be dragged out into the open and held accountable for the wrong they do. You have helped to do that.
Karen Evans, Salt Lake City, Utah

Runaround zoo: It was wonderful to see your column! I, too, stumbled onto the military recruiters on campus a few months ago when they approached my six-foot-one 16-year-old in the school's hallway. This was even though I had signed an opt-out!

Since that time, I have been on a long journey calling campus administrators, school board presidents and PTA presidents, only to get the runaround.

They insist the recruiters are escorted and kept inside the school career center, but after a little digging I see that they are openly out at lunchtime, and even invited into classrooms.

Several of us parents have begun a counter-recruiting campaign. We stand 100 feet outside the school every week and hand out fliers with accurate recruiting information on the true risks of enlistment -- since the school has been more supportive of the recruiters than parents!

Our group is called STIR (Support Truth in Recruitment). We are hoping to get some press to show that somebody is trying to stop these ruthless predators of our kids. We are their legal guardians, yet we can't stop this! The school should be our kids' stewards, not part of the machine that sends them off to untold horror and death.
Sheryl Lipari, Castro Valley, California

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