Letters from the issue of Thursday, June 23, 2005

 Mean Streets

Be very, very afraid: This is regarding Michael Lacey's story ("Thunder Road," June 16): Many years ago a book was published telling us about the 100 things to be most frightened of in America, and the Houston Police Department made the list (after taking a suspect for a midnight swim in cuffs that caused his drowning).

I hereby nominate the Phoenix Police Department, along with Joe Arpaio's bunch of neo-Nazis, for inclusion in a second edition of this book!
Tom Hamlyn, Kherson, Ukraine

Editor's note: It was stated in "Thunder Road" that the retrial of Luciano Arriaga Jr. -- falsely arrested for assaulting a police officer after a traffic stop in 2002 and sentenced to 10 years in prison -- was scheduled to begin June 16. The start of the trial has been continued until June 25.

Big Baby

It's true, it's true: Thank you for Joe Watson's article on Baby Man ("Baby Man," June 9). I saw Baby Man walking in a Bashas' parking lot one afternoon. I thought I was hallucinating at the time. I told all of my friends and family about the sighting and I felt that no one believed me. Now I have proof!
Amy Brown, Phoenix

Mommy happy: I am an adult baby mommy. I have been doing this for five years. I'm 28 years old. I really enjoy my babies, especially my sissy babies. They have an air about them that makes them so different from the "real men" in the world. I have watched babies that are senators, mayors of major cities, and even famous authors. The thing that interests me the most is how loving they are. The ones I've babysat are just trying to get some of their youth back, and then there were some who just were horny for some female attention. I had a 70-year-old baby one time, and he said he had dreamed of being babied all his life. I love being a mommy, and hope to continue doing so until I'm at least 70.
Mommy Josie, Las Cruces, New Mexico

It's a rich white thing: Baby Man is a freak in search of a circus. Any 54-year-old that would defecate on himself lacks self-respect and has appalling hygiene. This is simply a case of wealthy white folks that got mo' money than brain cells. Grow up.
Eric Price, Tempe

A conscious choice to be offended: As a relatively open-minded person, your story about Baby Man has forced me to ask myself, "When does tolerance for difference/diversity cross the line? And does that line even exist?" With your help, I figured it out. That line does exist.

William/HeidiLynn/Baby/Mr. Windsor was not born as an adult baby/diaper lover. Being an adult baby/diaper lover is not an innate part of his biological, physiological make-up or being. It is certainly not his genetic orientation. He crosses the line because he has made a conscious choice to become this publicly offensive, for lack of a better word, "character." And before you question why I believe his behavior is offensive, let me remind you he has a desire to shit in his pants, has made the conscious decision to do so, and performs the act in public, likely several times a day. His choice to be unsanitary is at the very least grossly offensive and could possibly be a public health hazard. His actions, which some apologists may pawn off as eccentric, are nothing more than a societal nuisance.

If there was ever a case in favor of shaken-baby syndrome, you just made it.
Jim Carpenter, Phoenix

They love children, but not that way: Many thanks to you for being open enough, and caring enough, to educate the public more about this lifestyle in a more positive light, even if "Baby Man" carried it to the extreme. It's nice to see a more open-minded, educated, well-written article, rather than something that you would see on The Jerry Springer Show.

Most people would associate the "AB/DL lifestyle," if you wish to call it that, with being pedophiles, child pornography, and involving children, and you have shown them that we absolutely have no desires or connections with either. We, the AB/DL community, feel very strongly against being associated with pedophiles, child pornography, or anything involving children. We love, protect, and respect our children and wish them a safe and "normal" childhood. We wish them a better life than the ones we were brought up in.
Bill Wheeler, via the Internet

Sick and compelling: William Windsor is the most disturbing man I have ever read about. So much so that I actually brought the story to work and forced others to be subjected to what I read. How does one man get so far off base and actually think that he is "normal"? I am surprised that people with a straitjacket have not come to get him and lock him up.
Amber Billings, Phoenix

The Minnow Would Be Lost

Cowboys can be jerks: I just finished reading Sarah Fenske's article "The Rancher's Revenge" (May 26, 2005). I could not help noticing that everyone involved, including Fenske, missed the mark, all parties apparently blinded by self-righteousness.

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