Robrt's Rules

A new tchotchke for the trophy case

The Ouch! My Ass Hurts! Award
. . . for Least Comfortable Seating in a Local Playhouse
The Space Theater

Management at this tiny storefront theater on Central Avenue would do better to replace its hinged and stickily upholstered seats with boxes of gravel. Any theatergoer with buttocks will tell you: Sitting on the floor would be less uncomfortable than perching on what passes for seating at The Space.

We'd like to thank the Academy for this Robbie.
Matthew Henry Hall
We'd like to thank the Academy for this Robbie.

The I Can't Believe It's Not Better Award
. . . for Most Disappointing Production
Glengarry Glen Ross

You'd think, with both John Sankovich and Steven J. Scally in the cast, that TheatreScape's Glengarry Glen Ross would have been a sure thing. Alas. Although Sankovich and Scally turned in their usual sterling performances, the rest of the cast couldn't keep up. Christopher Mascarelli's capable direction didn't help, and most audience members left baffled rather than entertained.

Until next season!

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